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Eptopic Lock Rss

I was taken into A&E on Tuesday night after heavy bleeding and very bad right side pains. My period wasnt due for another week but took a test and it had come up straight away as positive.
Once in A&E I was taken for a scan where they confirmed a right eptopic in my tube which had burst, however they also found a sack with a small foteus in my uterus.

I had surgery to remove the damaged tube on Wednesday and am going back next week for a scan to see if anything has developed in my uterus, I am not holding out much hope as I have been bleeding a lot today.

Just wondered if anyone else has had an experience like this, don't really know how to feel about it all. We have been trying of over a year and didn't even realise I was pregnant so just cant seem to get my head around it all. sad
Oh you poor thing. I hope someone can answer you questions

How did everything work out?
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