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When does it start to get better? Lock Rss

Oh Hun I'm So Sorry for your loss sad GBH's. I'm Sorry you still are going through it all, that is not fair to you at all and actually makes me Angry and Very Sad that you have had to go through this trauma for so long sad
After my miscarriage last year it took me a long time to feel a little bit better even watching a newborn baby on the tv made me cry. It takes everyone different times to start to move on from a miscarriage but to me you don't get over it. sad I accepted that my baby wasn't strong enough to grow to be with me but I will always remember it and love it. Acceptance takes awhile and in the meantime it's perfectly OK to feel sad.
GBH's Sweetie if you ever want to chat you can PM if you want. GBH's xxx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Oh butterflylove your story is heart breaking sad I can't say when you'll feel better, but we're always here for you at Huggies.

Butterflylove, my heart goes out to you. Ive had two MC in the past year and i know that feeling of loss and sorrow. That is not fair that they have made this hard time drag out. i found talking about it helped alot. Hope things get eaiser for you. Big hugs
bigs hugs to you and ur partner and yes it is sooo cruel

crying for me helped a lot, I just cried all the time, during work and classes at tech. I eventually came to terms with the fact that baby was gone. mine was similar, I had a heart beat and then a day later baby had died. I was lucky I didn't need any intervention though as my body did the natural thing.

I bought a little lime tree to remind me of what should have been and its just started to bloom which is lovely to see! =)

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