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Natural miscarriage Lock Rss

Hi, I miscarried 20 days ago. It was the weekend before I was flying to see family and tell them the good news. So I have had an extended holiday away from my town none of my family and friends know about this and my husband is back in our home town. my miscarriage was all natural and the bulk of it happened very quickly. I did have bleeding for a few days like a normal period, then about a week of light brown discharge. Then it stopped and everything was fine. I know I should have found a doctor over here and booked I for an ultrasound but everything kinda worked itself out....until I've started finding dark brown clots when I wipe or on my underwear. It this normal for it to come back after it has stopped completely? I did play some beach volleyball before and did some diving in the sand. Do you think that might have just knocked a few more clots out? ( sorry that sounded so TMI)
I am so sorry for you. I think you are a bit confused about it. Maybe the sports you played is the reason. I am so sorry for the miscarriage. I know it must be so hard for you. Every woman wants a baby. I know the pain. I have a baby through surrogacy. I know you want your own baby. I hope you will be a mom soon.
I am so sad for you. I think you are somewhat confounded about it. Perhaps the games you played is the reason. I am so sad for the miscarriage. I know it must be so difficult for you. Each lady needs an infant. I know the agony. I have an infant through surrogacy. I know you need your own particular child. I trust you will be a mother soon.
Hey, How are you doing now? I am feeling sorry for your miscarriages. Well, this is part of life. My friend had a miscarriage last year. After her miscarriage, she immediately went upon to doctor for her checkup. There were some complications in her womb. The doctor prescribed her some medications and she becomes normal after a couple of weeks. I suggest you consult with your doctor. Maybe, its normal but it will give you surety. And will take out your mind from a state of doubts. Hope so my suggestion will help you.
hello dear. how are you now? I feel sorry for this. you should quickly go see a doctor. he will guide you more properly. ill pray everything is fine. take care of yourself. more power to you. being pregnant is a delicate time phase. miscarriages are really disheartening. I'm really sorry to hear this. will be waiting for your update. bye.
Sorry for the loss. I think it happened because of the hectic activities. It is really difficult to come to terms. In pregnancy it is important to avoid such things. Some times nothing happens and some times things really change completely. Heavy bleeding is usually following miscarriagrs. You need to be really careful. If you feel some extraordinary flow and exceptional pain then you need to be really careful. It is an indication that you must visit the doctor for consultancy. It is also important to find the reason of miscarriage.
When I had a miscarrigae, It took my soul away. It still feels so empty sometimes. I have a daughter now. She is love. But the loss of a baby is not something that can be filled. There is nothing in the world that can fill that void. But I try to stay positive.
Oh, I am so sorry for that. M/Cs are the worst things one can get from life. I feel really sorry. I wish you luck and success in future. Don't lose hope. Stay blessed and strong. Lots of baby dust on your way. More power to you.
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