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vent. upset. sadness. .. confused. . I feel selfish. Lock Rss

Hi everyone.

A few months ago we lost our second baby to a miscarriage. We have already dd 2yrs.

I felt after 6/8 weeks that I had emotionally and physically healed. I was ready and still am to try again.

We fell pregnant very quick when we started trying, and my dr said I would most likely fall pregnant fairly quick again. Holding onto this hope I have failed for the past 3 regular cycles (it took 2 to return to normal).I have been violently ill between each period and have recently saw my gp and have been advised to take iron, vit d tablets plus my pre pregnancy vitamins which made me feel 99% within hours of taking them.

I cant help but feel absolutely terrible each and every month that passes without a glimmer of another pregnancy. I feel so selfish saying this as I know I am super lucky to have my baby girl and I know how lucky I am as some people are not as blessed as us. And I know we have all the time in the world and it does take time. But Still, I cant help these feelings.

I feel completely miserable when I start really thinking about it. I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I have never blamed myself for what happened, everything happens for a reason. Our baby was to perfect for this world. But I am more frustrated and worried that it may never happen again.

I am a very happy person each and every day,it takes a lot to knock me down. but the past few weeks I just feel sadness.

Another completely awful thing I keep feeling is that everyone around me are having babies and as happy for them as I am. I can't help but feel sad, angry and miserable... is this normal??

could this be me finally grieving? Or is it possible to have post natal depression? Ive been told to stop "thinking" about getting pregnant. .. but I just want to slap those that say it. Especially knowing they have nit been where I have.

what is your advice... thoughts... have you felt this? Tell me I am not alone.

thanks in advance. Xx

I'm sorry for what your going through. My emotions are not sorted at all either. I had a MC at the end of September. I have wondered myself if I have fallen into a massive rut or is it more than that. I would suggest you talk to a councillor it may help you. There is no such thing as 'just try not to think about getting pregnant' that's a load of BS advise. Good luck.

Hey, I am sorry for your condition. Please dont lose hope. You would have a baby soon. I know the pain of losing your baby. I had 3 miscarriages and I was so depressed after that. After that, I have faced infertility. I am not able to get pregnant ever.My husband supported me a lot. He knew what I was suffering from, so he started visiting different doctors and forums. A gynaecologist suggested him surrogacy. He talked to me about this. I was agreed to this. So, I chose surrogacy for me. I have a baby now. I have my own biological baby which was my priority at that time. I had chosen this for me because I didn't want to waste more time. I am happy I have made the right decision. Its been 4 years to surrogacy process and I am still trying but no results.
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