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International pregnancy and infant loss day (today) Lock Rss

Thanks Little Miss' will be 10yrs next week that I lost our first bub to a miscarriage - it is still so fresh in my mind, the physical and emotional pain I went through will never leave me.

Huge hugs to everyone else that has lost a bub. xx
Im definately thinking of a few little bubs that touched my life and that i will never forget.

love you xx

And hugs to all the families who have also experienced the loss of a precious baby

+1 little Miss's.

Hugs to all the ladies that have been through this x

+1. Haven't been through this personally but my thoughts are with those of you who have.
Big Hugs to all you girls

My love to all you ladies xxx
Big hugs and lots of love to all who have experienced this xoxo
+1. I too have experienced a miscarriage. Coming up to 3 and a half years. I know my angel is up in heaven with my mum and is watching over his/her sisters. Big hugs to anyone who has angel babies. xx

That's so sweet!

It will be one year on the 24th of this month that our little Alexander was born at 22+3w, so perfect, yet so tiny. Although others may stop saying his name, he will always be a part of our family.

Much love sent to all those other parents who have lost, no matter the gestation or age <3
Lovely to remember, thanks little miss's. My second son would be 16 months this Saturday. thinking of all baby lost mums and dads today.
Unfortunately a close friend/family member lost their bubba yesterday. We were both pregnant at the same time meant to be due two weeks apart now our angel babies can meet in heaven.

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