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D & C 8 wks ago Lock Rss

Hi Everyone, this is a kind of a "get it out post". My D & C was 8 wks ago- but am still throwin out +s. Ive only dropped from HCG 35 to 22 in the last 2 wks. When do we ovulate? Is it when we hit 0 again that this can happen? The whole draggin out process is making me think twice about conceiving- I come down from 109 000 pre D & C, I would have thought lately that I may be pregnant but these #s suggest otherwise. I cant wait to be normal again....
Thanks unique- it s just annoying- Im fit/healthy and others conceive 2 wks after the fact. Thought my levels would have well & truly lowered by now!
Gone from a summer baby to who knows!!
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