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plz help Lock Rss

My bfs grandad has been sick sence xmas last year .
2days ago he went into a coma hes still breathng but docs say he anit guna wake up

Ineed help with how to comfort my partner iv nevr loss any one close and neither has my partner .
Yester day partner broke down and all i could say was its alright he kept saying no it anit
I feel like im not doing enough to help him thurw ths

I left with dd yesterday so him and his family could have time together
And i made him feel worst by doing that . What can i say what can do ineed help !!

Rosie Mumma wrote:
Really sorry to hear that. It must be especially hard when neither of you has experienced a loss before, it's a very stressful situation.

All I can suggest is to be there for him, even in the background. There isn't anything you can say or do to make this situation better or easier. Just being there is all you can do.

I never new that it would be this hard like this morning bf got up and went to work?
Ihave know idea whats going on in his head .
Thanks for your feed back .

I went through the same thing last august and my grandad fell asleep for good as well.

my partner looked after bubs at the time and just kept me fed and fluids going and cuddles and let me cry. its diff for a male I guess but I just wanted him there 24/7 until he passed so he did yep our daughter got annoyed as she didn't understand but just made it work.

Its a tough time for both of you. All you can do is be there, most of the time words are not needed, but just physically being there. Males tend to deal with things alot different to us ladies, and often both parties dont know how to help each other.

All the very best, dont beat yourself up, just be there for each other.

Thanks heaps .

I think im just guna stick bye his side untill he dosnt want me there .
Honestly thanks .

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