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boooo no baby sac :( Lock Rss

o hun sorry to hear. GBH! sad I got my results, this is how my dr explained it to me as I don't know what its called lol basically my whole entire body was pregnant...but I didn't conceive-hence no sac! She said its because i have pcos & high basically my body was pregnant which showed my bfp hpt & bfp blood test, but i wasn't pregnant....good news is she said i can have another baby but if i cant conceive in the next few months she will put me on clomid or something??? But iv decided im not going to try anymore, if it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't smile There are so many women out there with not even 1 child after ttc for many years and i have 3 beautiful healthy naturally conceived girls, so im happy with that obviously lol tongue But i do hope all the ttc women/men get their BFP and get sticky chubba bubbas <3 xx

How crazy are our bodies?

You sound happy with your decision. Wish you the best!

I am happy with my decision smile If I don't try & just let nature take its course then who knows what can happen smile And no diet or anything, dr is just sending me for another ultrasound in 3 weeks and go from there...I do have to keep taking my folic acid and vitamin 3d though smile

Now that you have come to this decision it will probably happen smile I had terrible endo when I was younger, had multiple laparoscopies & had a lot of scar tissue. I was told I couldn't have children & was absolutely devastated. As soon as I came to terms with not being able to have kids & was ok with that, I relaxed rather than trying to pinpoint ovulation & all the stuff that takes over when ttc & fell pregnant smile I am now 23wks & so excited to meet our baby. Stay positive & enjoy your girls, good luck & hopefully we will read an announcement in the future smile
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