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boooo no baby sac :( Lock Rss

Update on the ultrasound etc, no baby sac was seen sad
Its sucks bad!!!! but life goes on & theres always next time smile

she done a internal u/s and see n nothing :/ nope no 2nd blood test, i have appt with my gp on wednesday though, so i dont know :/

yup it is!! iv never gone for a scan this ealy with my girls so its all new to me aswell lol

Oh no? Do they call that a chemical pregnancy?

didn't you say you were only due for af over the weekend? that seems really early for a scan, you'd only just be 4 weeks wouldn't you? with DD2 they only just found a sac at my first scan and I was 4weeks+6 for it (didn't know how far I was, could have been further). I think repeated bloods a couple of days apart will give you much more definitive answers than a scan this early.

apparently the sac is only visible from about 5 weeks/when hcg reaches around 1100 so there's still hope.

yeah, my periods irregular but last month was on the 13th so id be really early and just detected it fast...all my hpt are negative now though, and i have alot of bleeding, clots and cramping

Sorry for what you are going through.
Sounds like a very early miscarriage? Do you have a medical history of pregnancy/TTC problems or what was the reason for the very early scan?
I think maybe ask for another blood test anyhow as that should confirm what stage you are at now.

iv had 1 miscarriage at 13weeks but thats all, no previous ones (3 healthy girls) this is my first time ttc! reason 4 early scan is because i had low hcg showing at 5 & my dr thinks i may have pcos or cervical cancer...lets hope its pcos instead smile im keeping positive thoughts xx

I agree yobbo!!! and nz mumma-i tested posititve on the 26th june on my opk, so I know it was around that time as the test were negative after, I even got a posititve preg test on the opk for shits & giggles lol tongue I will deff update & let you all know the final outcome of this on Wednesday after my doc apt smile xx

I'm sorry for what you're going through too. Disappointment, confusion and worry doesn't begin to describe it. Hope you get more information soon.
Sending huge hugs xxxxx

Sending you GBH's as well. Xx

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