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Hope after Multiple miscarriages / Low HCG after multiple miscarriages Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write this to let all of you out there know there is hope

Back in 2009 i suffered my first miscarriage which ended naturally at 6.5 weeks, we waited 3 months as advised by our Dr at the time and then went on to have a healthy baby girl who is now 3 smile
Then in August 2012 we decided to try for baby number 2 and things didnt go so well, i suffered 3 miscarriages in a row all ending naturally between 5-6 weeks (the last 2 were blighted ovums), we were devastated! My husband and I went and did all the testing (DNA, blood clotting) etc and they all came back clear so were told to just keep trying. So we waited another 3 months and I got a positive pregnancy test 2 days before AF was due to arrive, so went to the Dr that day to get a blood test and it came back at 13, so we were pretty gutted, thought it was happening again, went back for another blood test 4 days later and it was at 180, and we started to get excited, and then 3 days after that it was at 990 (i was 4weeks 5 days).

I just wanted to say to any of you out there to not give up and keep your head up and keep trying, i have had a total of 4 miscarriages and their are heartbreaking
I hope this has helped someone smile
Thanks, yes we have had a lot of sad times but i am thankful that all miscarriages ended naturally and i didnt need any help.
We are very excited to finally have this one stick around, i am only 5 weeks at the mo and going to have a early scan tomorrow to check everything is fine so fingers crossed, the reason we are feeling confident about this one is because with all the other miscarriages my HCG level has never gone over 27 and for it to be 990 at 4 weeks 4 days is pretty exciting
Good luck for your future pregnancy smile
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