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First miscarige .. Lock Rss

I'm 21 and recently had a miscairage I wasn't trying for a baby . Home pregnancy tests still show positive 7 weeks after it started I'm not sure if I should worry I've been told not too as my hormones could be balancing them selfs out still . Also sorry if to much info I've had a tiny bit of light spotting could this possibly be a period I know they can be different after. My periods weren't regular before hand as I just stopped breast feeding so I'm still confused as what a after period would be like .. Thanks
No I haven't had what seems like a period yet and before hand I had periods but they were never on time they were eaither early or late and sometimes were heaven and other times they would be light . Thanks for the info ill be going to get another blood test this week
Definitely get a blood test done, it took nearly 7 weeks after MC to get my HCG low enough that i stopped getting positive pregnancy tests.

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