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2 weeks post D/C report - Partial Molar?? Lock Rss

Hi all,
I recently had a scan at what I thought was 15 weeks to find my bubs had stopped growing at 9w3d. I had to go in for a d&c the following week as the I was showing no signs of natural m/c. I was told I couldnt have sex until 2 weeks. So we waited the two weeks. The following day I had EWCM...I was like does this mean I am ovulating already?? I knew my cycles were regular but even after a d&c????

Anyway, I just had an appointment with my Dr. yesterday and she said the surgeon said it was potentially a partial molar and to not have sex because I will need my HCG monitored over the next month or so and if they dont go down then maybe need another d&c. I know the chances are slim of falling pregnant again so soon, but how will I know if its the spread of the mole of a new pregnancy?? I am stressing out a little until I get my results tomorrow sad

Has anyone else had any experience with a partial molar???

My doctor just rang and said the hcg levels were still not 0 so i need further monitoring. I guess I wouldnt have ovulated yet either. Thats good. I go back in 2 weeks for another test to compare to so hopefully they have gone down and we can rule the partial molar out. Looking forward to getting back into ttc and this whole ordeal to be over with smile

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