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could it be??? Lock Rss

I had a miscarriage almost 4 weeks ago and have started to have symptoms again like I am pregnant? do you think it could be still the hormones coming down etc.

It will be 4 weeks on Thursday.. I am sooo scared to do a test!
hmmm do u think it will pick it up yet or should I wait til Thursday???
ovulated on the 29th may... give or take a day
it is possible. my SIL had a miscarriage and 4 weeks later got pregnant again. she is now 18 weeks along.

Yep, I've heard of it too. Good luck! You could try one of the First Response tests, I think you can test like 5 or 6 days early now!

I have bought a first response test and its just staring at me. I read on it hcg levels are highest in the mornings so I will do it then. Thanks for all the advice.
How did you go?

did the test this morning and its a negative. either too early or all these symptoms are my monthly coming.

just feeling numb
Hi bec

I had a mc at the same time as u. Felt 'pregnant' last week so did HPT on Friday. It was positive. But started bleeding on Saturday. Some people have said that my HCG levels must have still be in my system and others say it was another mc. I'm not sure. I am leaning towards the later sad

Fingers crossed for u! Xx
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