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My glimmer of hope has faded! Lock Rss

Just came back from yet another blood test and my hcg levels are dropping, needless to say I am still bleeding heavily so its pretty much guaranteed I am miscarrying. I must admit I was holding out hope (prob like most of you who have been through this) that everything will turn out fine but not on this occasion unfortunately.

Just spoke with my DH who was gutted with the results but we will give my body plenty of time to heal and we will try again in the near future. At least we have two beautiful children already and hopefully one day we can give them another sibling!

I wish all of you out there all the best and never give up hope..we won't!
they are the worst thing in this world, I have been through this recently too and am still trying to come to terms with it.

Sorry and sending you lots of hugs
Sorry to hear what you are going through. Dont give up hope. As you have said you will try again further down the track. I havent been thru this myself but I guess you will need some time to deal with it emotionally. Having your kids & dh there will be a big support for you as well. GBH's to you. Xx

Sorry to hear about what you are going through. Its hard to hear that your hcg levels are dropping, and harder stil to deal with the miscarrage. I had a miscarrage at 4 weeks. It was hard going through it, but a month later everything returned to normal again and I fell pregnant again a month after that. Im now nearly 19 weeks pregnant.
I wish you the best too!
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