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How do you cope after a miscarriage? Lock Rss

Hi im new to the forums and would like some advice on how to cope after a miscarriage. When you have people around you saying "that's Life' etc how do you move on and How long does it usually take to fall pregnant again...
Hi Lana_J, I just wanted to say sorry for your loss. I have not suffered a MC myself but I can only imagine what you are going through. There have been a few posts on here recently about this subject. I am sure you will get lots of replies to your post. Please take care of yourself. xx

Thanks GarfieldRules means a lot.....
Little Miss's Thank you so much just reading your posted means a lot to me. We have started to try again as i am on Clomid and feeling the side effects to it makes it a lot harder. We have been trying for so long and thought for once something happy was happening until it was taken away from us....... It's hard not to think about it and relax cause it's always on your mind... I really want a baby even more so after the MC

I really like your idea of the pendant will look into something like that, may just take that hurt away for a short time....
Sorry to hear of your loss. sad No personal experience, but others have mentioned that it takes time, don't feel as if you have to be back to 'normal' by a certain time. Take care and all the best for the future TTC days. smile
I'm so sorry for you. I lost my first at 7 weeks. I found that it really is just time that helps.

I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant again easily but that caused a whole other world of hurt. I kept having to confirm that this was my 'second first attempt' at medical appointments, got upset when I was given a Christmas present for the bub I was pregnant with because we would have had the miscarried baby by then, etc. I didn't see this bub as a replacement for the one I'd lost but was hoping a successful pregnancy would provide a distraction to the pain and guilt i felt.

I also spoke to quite a few people who had had miscarriages. Even thought they could relate to what I was going through, their words of comfort felt hollow. They weren't, but it felt that way.

My husband and I did have a weekend away at a time when I wasn't fertile and the time together with no pressure was nice. Pretty sure I had a secret little cry on the drive there though.
Thank you all..... Means a lot to know there are nice people out there that i can talk with and find some comfort. I know that i will be lucky and fall pregnant again but the waiting game is hard...... To think what could have been and to think of what i have lost is hard. The pain is so raw. A question i do have was after your MC were to excited when you got the next BFP... i know how excited i was this time and people are telling me that next time will be so different.
Bellla bub, thanks for your comments.... I was 8 weeks when i lost my baby..... We had told our families on Christmas Day which i would have been about 5 weeks. They were over the moon as they thought that we weren't ready for kids yet... We have struggled to fall pregnant and didn't want to tell anyone so the excitement that came from both families was an amazing feeling.... I am sad that it didn't work out as i would now be 18 weeks this week. i know that it will happen but the emotions i am feeling are so raw and im finding it difficult to move on...
Little Miss's congrats on your BFP, so happy for you and i hope that everything goes well for you. I am sure that i will have that happy feeling again when i get my BFP but yet i am sure that will change just like you said.
This probably sounds weird but I knew something was wrong with my first pregnancy. I delayed taking the ttest, told my husband 'at least we know I can get pregnant' when we got the result. So I was very excited when I fell pregnant again because it felt different.
I am very sorry tohear of your loss.

I found out i had lost my first at 12 weeks, I had a dating scan with my OB and was told that I had lost the baby at 9 weeks but my miscarriage was incomplete so I had to have a D&C.

I waited one cycle after that and fell again in the next cycle. No words said can make you feel any better, nor does the next one fill that gap. Like one of the other ladies, I have a little angel at home that my mum gave me.

I now have two healthy boys but i know when I found out out the second time, yes I was excited but I so worried till after the 12 weeks. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I saw my OB and he did scans straight away every week so that we could see that things were developing.

I agree, i felt so bad that i said it but looking back now i said the same thing about a week before i found out from the doctor i was telling my husband that i think something is wrong and i felt like i was going to MC this baby...... Its still hard deep down knowing something was not right but then going through it.

I had a D&C the day after i found out i lost the baby. I was 8 weeks but the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. That day was the hardest day ever. I am on my third cycle now after the D&C, having to wait a month then starting to try again was hard. Last month i didn't ovulate strong enough so hoping this is my month now....

Thank you everyone for writing to me and for the comfort.
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