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I am new to the forums and was hoping for some advice and comfort. We were on Clomid 50mg for two Cycles, we got the BFP on Christmas Eve last year that ended with a miscarriage in February this year. We started again straight away on the clomid 50mg but i didn't ovulate properly last month so this month i am on 100mg of the Clomid. I was wanting to know if anyone has been in the same situation and has fallen and then miscarried and then fallen again and how many cycles it took.
Clomid side effects are horrible, they are even worse when you go up a dose - Has anyone else experienced this.
Hope someone can help me and give me some hope when i feel all is lost......
Hi there,
Im so sorry for your loss, i personally havent experienced using Clomid but i have had multiple miscarriages, 4 in total and 3 in a row in the last 9 months and am now currently 5 weeks preg and things are looking much better this time around. my first miscarrage in this 9 months ended in Nov last year, we waited a month n tried again ending at 5 weeks, then another miscarriage in Jan this year at 6 weeks n tried straight away n that ended in another miscarriage in Feb at 5 weeks, so we waited 3 months to get everything healthy again n it seems to of worked smile
i just wanted to reply to your post n let you know your not in this alone.
how are things now? i see your post was 3 months ago?
You could have a look at the treasures forum. There is a on going thread on there for people ttc taking clomid.

Hi JessBaird - Thanks for your message, brings hope that this will happen for us. I'm so sorry for your losses and congrats on this pregnancy. I hope all goes well for you. AFM we are still trying, all up we have been trying for over 2 years and nearly 5 months on from the MC no luck still. I am hoping that this is our month but try not to get my hopes up cause i keep getting disappointed. I am just trying to stay positive and believe that it will happen.

Wageha - I will have a look at that forum now, thanks for the suggestion.
I also had a miscarriage 6.5 weeks ago and found out recently that I was 6 weeks pregnant so it happened straight away for me.

I had lost all hope as well and fell into a dark hole for a little while but can finally see the light.

Good luck with everything and keep going!
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