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Positive for Antibodies Lock Rss

Hi All,
I am wondering if there are any other ANA positive mums who went onto having successful full term pregnancies?
After having 2 m/c over a year I was found to be positve for antibodies. I am now almost 12wks after cycle #5 of ttc since my last m/c. I am now taking low dose asprin as advised by ob untill 34wks. I am hoping this stops any clotting. I am feeling very excited to be almost in my 2nd trimester but also worried sick.

Thanks smile
Hi ladies. I know this post is old but am curious to know about others that have been diagnosed with antibodies A or E having successful pregnancy. I've been through three miscarriages over the last year and a half, and thankfully I found out the reason that my bloods contained antibody e due to my blood transfusion when I had my son, and doctors had assumed that the father of all three also would contain this antibody causing the miscarriages. He was to have the bloods done but miscarried when I got the results for him to test. Now we are no longer together so don't need him tested. But I am curious now to find out if others have had successful pregnancies. My miscarriage was three months ago. Thanks ladies ????

2nd child due 17th Oct

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