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Misdiagnosed miscarriages:

All I can say is, "Thank god i've never been in that situation!"

Because if I had, I would have to wonder!!!

It may be a 'tiny proportion' But that is a huge deal to that tiny proprtion!

This recent miscarriage I was supposed to be 7 weeks at which point a fetal heart beat should be visible. My ultrasound showed a sac and an abnormal fetal growth similar to that of 5 weeks with no heartbeat. They said maybe I was wrong with dates, but that was impossible, yet they still advised waiting another week for a repeat ultrasound, which I did 9 days later, which showed no change at all and while my hcg was rising, it was rising very slowly. I tell you, after 9 days of knowing my baby was dead and waiting with nothing happening I asked for a d&c - they agreed, but the day before made me have another blood test and ultrasound. I was upset about this because I'd already had 3 to confirm it and there was no doubt, but the ultrasound tech just said they exercise great caution with missed miscarriages to avoid the possibility of terminating a viable pregnancy. So after my experience, I would think that if every woman went through the same testing and precautions that it would be very rare and unlikely that this would happen. But the possibility is always there for error, which is why I agreed to wait a week to find out for sure, even though I just wanted it all to be over.

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o no thats sad. alot of women are probably feeling bad about the choices they made with their early miscarriage. i hope i never have to go through that

I had a similar experience to Skubala. I did ivf and got a bfp. I had a dating scan at 6 weeks which showed a sac and embryo but no heartbeat. The technician said it was inconclusive so I was made to wait another week and had another scan. Still no heartbeat and the embryo had shrunk. Because I didn't miscarry on my own I ended up having a d&c when I should have been 8 weeks. All up I was made to wait 12 days from when I 1st found out. It was horrible knowing deep down my baby was dead but trying to hang on to some glimmer of hope. I was petrified of losing it naturally and I was in no state of mind to cope.
Lucky for me I went through ivf again and now have a very happy and healthy dd2 who is 20 months old.

I think that the changes in measurements etc that they are proposing is probably a good idea for their to be less mistakes.

I've never actually been through a miscarriage I have however had an ectopic pregnancy and it was the hardest thing in the world to know that my baby that was perfectly healthy was going to be aborted because it chose the wrong spot to grow so I can imagine the heartache that going through a miscarriage would bring.

I wish there could just be a way to make miscarriages a thing of the past

Forever, for always and no matter what

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