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Miscarriage?? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to me & gone on to give birth to a healthy baby....

I started some brown spotting which progressed to red bleeding yesterday. I went to a hospital where they checked my bloods & did a scan. HCG levels were good & baby had a heartbeat. They measured me to be 5 weeks, 6 days. They couldn't tell me what the bleeding was from but said not to worry as everything looked fine.

I left hospital feeling all reassured. Then about 2 hours after getting home I got bad cramps & had some big pools of blood spill out as well as some tissue like material.

I think I have miscarried but just not sure. Could it happen that fast after being told everything was fine? I'm not bleeding heavily just every time I go to the toilet blood comes out but I'm not soaking pads or anything.

Do I still have a chance? I have a scan scheduled for a weeks time.

Thanks for reading smile
A friend of mine had bleeding for a few weeks from 5-8 weeks and is now nearly halfway through her pregnancy with a healthy baby.

Do keep going to your doctor or hospital if you are worried though, make sure they check for any infection and monitor your hCG.

Yes. I miscarried. Similar, had ultrasound, baby was 6weeks and 6days by measurement. 3 days later, lost it. Quite a bit of tissue and blood came out.

You will need to get your Beta-HCG levels checked out and possibly an ultrasound. They will also probably do an internal exam to see if your cervix has closed, and to check if you are hemorrhaging.

The scan for a weeks time may still be required, so that they can check if a baby is there or if they can safely do a D &C.

Get to a hospital.

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