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what to expect when miscarrying Lock Rss

Hoping to get insight into what to expect when miscarrying as it is not something I have experienced before. Found out today that there is no heartbeat (at 8 weeks) after seeing a heartbeat on my dating scan last week, so it came as a bit of a shock. So far I have had cramping (like a painful period) and a fair bit of blood loss in last few hours when I go to the toilet. Just wondering how long this will last?? I think the bit that scares me most is actually expelling the sac/seeing something I don't really want to see. Is this common? I've spent the last hour googling and have read lots of different things on various forums. Am thinking the Huggies forum will have less dramatic responses than some of these American forums!

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firstly *hugs*
I had a heavy 'period' with lots of cramping, and visibly passed clots of tissue.
Do you have someone to support you through this?

Thanks trishalishous, yes I do have good support- unfortunately my husband left for his job for 3 weeks yesterday morning before all this happened, but I have good family support. I guess it's just a case of waiting it out now.

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There is some practical information on miscarriages which may be of help.
At eight weeks you will bleed like a heavy period and have some dark clots and a bit of material. But you shouldn't see the sac as such, or it probably won't be recognisable. You could expect to bleed for a couple of weeks/ around ten days. I would keep an eye on that and chat to your gp if it goes on too long as you don't want to end up with retained product or an infection.

Take care of yourself and surround yourself with loved ones for the next little while. Take all the time that feels right for you grieve, there is no right or wrong.

I'm so sorry for your loss.


I am so sorry to here of your loss.

I to had a MC at 8 weeks going back 3 weeks ago and a year ago i had one at 20 weeks.

Maddison was my second one at 8 weeks i was bleeding and had heavy cramps and back pains i said to my hubby i want to take something and go back to bed so he gave me some strong pain relief (as he had his foot run over by a forklift they give him some heavy stuff) it knocked my out for hours and when i woke up i was running to the loo as i had so much water before i took them. when i was on the toilet and she had came out like that a small pop. I was so worried cause as i said i had one at 20 weeks and i held my poor katie in my arms and their was nothing i could do for her nothing i could do to save her she had just gone.

Its very scary and i can tell you i would not of got through it without the help of my mum and my hubby both have been strong for me and help my up when i was dropping down. I still have tears in my eyes as its so fresh but it dose get better in time.

Good luck if you would like to talk more please feel free i know what you are going through.

TTC a baby girl

Thank you for your replies and so sorry for your losses also sad I am still waiting for the "main" event to happen, just bleeding like a heavy period every so often. Beginning to freak a little thatit might get worse. Reading way too many horror stories on the internet sad It really is so sad how many women have experienced losses, especially those of you who were further on in your pregnancies. I can't imagine how that would feel...I am very blessed to already have a beautiful, healthy 16 month old daughter.

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