So i had a mc on tuseday and as i have said before that was my second one in a year after having 2 normal, healthy boys with no problems.

So i was in the hospital today getting a ultrasound done as they was making sure i had passed everything (which i have) i got talking to the midwife and she was such a nice lady saying we will try and help you. I went to my docs yesterday who said she would send me to someone who can watch from the start next time to see where i am going wrong and go from their but i cryed to my mum saying their was no way of finding out what was going on etc.

So when i was in the hospital a doc came into my room and had a good chat with me its put me in a better mood and got me thinking more now. She asked me all these questions like do i smoke or drink all these helth questions and all of them was a no. She said to me from what your telling me it might be age due to the fact i am a healthy person and like healthy. I know at 30 still i should not be having mc like i have.

Anyways now i got a 4-6 weeks to see a lady who is the highest here in adelaide and she will help me find out why it happend with blood works etc and go from their.

I did say my hubby did'nt want another child again after this but i think i will swing him around to it. You know the saying a happy wife = a happy life lol

Thanks all now i want to go buy a nice teddy bear for maddison and sit it next to kaites one