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Recent Miscarriage & Still Cramping ..... Lock Rss

I have just had a miscarriage at 7weeks pregnant on Tuesday 11/12/12 and spent most of that night at KEMH, I also had to go back to the hospital on 12/12/12 (my 25th bday) for more tests to see if any tissue remained. They couldn't find anything and advised I had indeed lost my little one and could continue to bleed for a few more weeks.
However I am still having severe cramps, that are not going away with pain killers - should I be concerned that something else is wrong? He didn't advise of continuing cramps??

The doctor also found that I have a "Axial " Uterus that also leans slightly off to the left and my ovaries sit behind my bowel - which is apparently rare, but he advised me this wouldn't have impacted the pregnancy ... but now I am concerned about it .....
So sorry to hear of your loss, I would be booking in to see your doctor just to be sure you dont need a D and C. Hope the cramping stops soon.
They say a mc is heavier than a usual period so if you consider that a period usually lasts up to a week, it might be at least that long. You should go to the hospital if you are soaking a pad in an hour or if the pain can't be controlled with panadol and nurofen. Sorry you are going through this, I am currently at the hospital waiting for surgery as I have miscarried but my body has not abandoned the pregnancy

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