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Successful pregnancy after miscarriage Lock Rss

Yesterday I miscarried at 9 weeks. Although the doctor did tell me that it was going to happen its still a shock and very sad that it has happened. I had terrible stomach pain the night before which continued in the morning, but I still decided to go to work. The gestational sac and placenta passed through as I was walking - it took me by surprise. I had no more stomach pains after, but I am still bleeding.

Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after a miscarriage and how long after did it happen? I really want to try again on the next opportunity that I get as my husband is due to go on deployment for 6 months in 2 months time.
I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage.

I miscarried in March at 12 weeks and lost a heap of blood and had to stay in hospital. I was told I could try to get pregnant after my next period but decided to wait for two periods and got pregnant that month. My baby is due the start of feb.I feel very very blessed and lucky.

After I miscarried the best advice I received was to let yourself feel all those crappy emotions and to talk to people about it as unfortunately there are so many people out there who have been through it too.


hey i so know how you feel i was the same to when i had my first mc although i was at home i had so strong pain i thought i had to go to the loo and when i went to walk out their my poor katie at 20 weeks just poped out i didn't know how to feel i just had to stand their and call my hubby to help me. I never knew it could just happen like that the first thing when i talked to someone was i just didn't think a baby at 20 weeks came out like that.

Anyways we mc here on the 12-12-11 and on the 9-10-12 i found out we was going to have another one my world came crashing down on on the 11-12-12 when i went and found blood and knew i was loosing maddison as well.

I just got home from the hospital and they also told me the same they said i could try right away if i wanted to but she said it would be best if i let my body rest and take a while to fall again. Like shereegal said let yourself talk about it cry and try and get to a point where you know you feel better. When i lost katie i talked to a lady once and that was it i told people i was fine with it etc but deep down inside i wish i had of done more healing etc cause i can tell you when i fell again with maddison i did'nt even want to know i was having her i tryed to push her away and couldent bond with her for the fear of loosing her.

Remember we are all here we all have been through it and like you to i would love to just hold another baby in my arms again but i want to let my body get into shape and feel better before we try

TTC a baby girl


Firstly I am so sorry for your loss sad
I will say that you need to go through the grief stages first and make sure you are not only mentally but physically ready to try again, But in saying that....
My first pregnancy was a miscarry and after I got through the pain and grief we decided to try again and 2 months later we were successfully pregnant, DD is now 3 years old. We also had another miscarriage 5 months after DD was born, it took a bit longer that time to become pregnant again however I think that had to do with the fact that I wasnt ready to try again so soon, but about 5 months later and 2 months of trying and we now have DS who is 2. We are now also 13 weeks pregnant with #3.

Good Luck and I hope everything works out for the best! As hard as it was to make the decision so soon after its the best one we made by far!

So sorry for your loss sad I miscarried at 8 weeks August last year & my husband & I were devastated. Everywhere we looked there were pregnant women or babies in prams, it felt like it wouldn't happen for us & then 8 months later we conceived smile I am now nearly 38 weeks pregnant with a healthy bub & uncomplicated pregnancy. Hold in there, it will happen, my thoughts are with you x
i am sorry that you have miscarried , I have lost a baby when I was 12 weeks pregnant and the baby was 10 weeks , I had heavy bleeding went to the hospital took lots blood from me and lot of ultrasound could not hear the baby's heartbeat and the hospital sent me home. I got told by a good doctor not to have to much coffee if I want to get pregnant because that affects the baby so I dropped down the caffeine intake I fell pregnant in 2 months and we had a baby boy we are proud parents now.
Hi, so sorry that you are going through this. I had a mc a week before Christmas last year, (7weeks), and it was awful. Everyone is so happy at this time of year and its really hard to be excited about anything when all you can think about is your poor bub. I hope you are doing ok. I thought it would take a while for us to get pregnant again, but I got pregnant on my next cycle in January, and now have a beautiful 10 week old baby boy. Good luck, but try not to put too much pressure on yourselves or your relationship. smile
Thank you all for your kind words. I have been feeling really down and have been asked by my managers at work to see a counsellor. However I feel like only speaking with others that have experienced what I have gone through will help. At home I pretend I am ok and have not communicated to my husband how I really feel. It is nice to have this forum to release some of my pain. What helped you get through it?
So sorry to hear of your loss. I too miscarried at 6 weeks not so long ago. The good news is that I fell pregnant almost straight away as the dr said my body was ready. Many of my friends once I talked to them said they had the same thing and wondered if it is the body preparing for what is to come.

I felt very depressed for at least 2 weeks after but as I was only 6 weeks my hormone levels were probably not as elevated as yours. It's okay to feel how you are and the thing that helped me was reminding myself that I can get pregnant and trying to see the positive that that one wasn't meant to be.

Good luck smile
One thing that go me throuhg it was knowing that i did nothing wrong that it was something i could not stop, it was not something i did and even if i could change everything it still was going to happen. Like you i also had a mc but mine was at 20 week and they was able to do a autopsy on katie to see why this had happend. We had to wait 8 weeks to get it back and i was a mess i felt all alone, I didn't want to talk to people and i was so sick of hering people say "oh i am so sorry" i realy started hading those words and wanted people to just say it was one of those things and it was not ment to be not that they are sorry. I had more problems with this mc cause i was almost half way through and i also had gone out and got everything we needed to only have her taken away.

I help hopes and what kept me going was the fact i wanted another baby and so after i let myself get over katie and cry and do everything i needed we would start again. Later on this year we found out we was having another one and at 8 weeks we lost her as well.

I know i am so angry at myself (although i still think it was not ment to be) It was easy this time around then katie. With katie everyone knew we was having a baby when we found out we told everyone as we also have 2 sons before these 2 and thought nothing of it. When i found out i we was having another one in october this year i told noone exept my mum, kids, manager, mother inlaw and sister inlaw and my work mates. It was more easy this time cause all of them didn't say "we are so sorry" it was much better as i knew alot of these people was close and i could talk to them.

We have started trying again only because me and hubby are getting older and don't want to wait for a 3rd one in a few years. The first time 2 nights ago when we started to try i broke down in tears and when hubby asked me what was going on all i could say was "i don't think i can go through loosing another one and all this pain" hes so good as this morning he asked me what was going on and are we trying or not. I have a hospital appointment in a couple of week to see a top doctor to see why this has happend after having 2 mcs after having 2 healthy pregnancys,

But yeah you do get through it and it dose get easy. Every now and then i see babys that was due around when katie was due and i think we could of had one the same size and she would be doing the same things but then most of these girls i know have stoped having babys and are having no more and i will be the lucky one to have a last one.

TTC a baby girl

Hi Girls, I am so sorry to hear about all of your stories. I too had a miscarriage at 7 wks in October this year, trying for my first. It was very difficult for me to cope with, I had just got over the excitement of finding out I was finally pregnant and then had to deal with it being taken away from me. When i told poeple about it, it was like nobody knows how hard it was or the grief involved. I remember sitting and starring at walls and crying until I had no tears left but so many people brush off miscarriage and dont understand the pain. My doctor suspected I had PCOS and was about to send me to a specialist when i got pregnant. So there were many things to be positive about knowing that it was possible for us to conceive.

I took a few weeks to feel ok about trying again, but i followed doctors instructions and waited until after my first full cycle. I have just found out that I am pregnant again. On my first full cycle after the miscarriage. I am excited yet scared. Going through that loss was so terrible that I would be crushed if it happened again.

I do feel very different this time to last time. I was on edge the whole time before but this time I feel a lot more calm and comfortable. Last time i was jumping out of my skin to tell people, although i didnt tell many, after going through that loss I now know the most important people to tell.

I have also been watching my friends pregnany progressing as we would have been at the same stage had my first pregnancy not miscarried. I see her as a constant reminder of my loss, yet I am totally thrilled that she has a a little miracle of her own.

I am wishing for a smooth pregnancy this time and that I can stop thinking about "last time".

Good luck to all the ladies trying again, I know we will get there!
I just found out today that I miscarried at 6 weeks. Very disappointing but I am hoping, like a lot of you say, that we fall again soon after.

Such is life sad
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