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Another mc Lock Rss

Well i am lost for words.

Having lost our daughter at 20 weeks on the 12/12/11 we now face loss our next baby.

What is wrong with me i have had 2 boys who are 8 and 6 and no problems and now in the last year have lost 2 babys and now to top it all of my hubby don't want to go through this again. I can see where he is coming from but i long for another baby.

Anyways i am 8 weeks went into hospital today and after an us got told the baby was the size of 5 weeks. So as i had no other hospital appointments before this one the doc said all he can do is take my blood and in 48 hours do it again and see how we go from their. I have had bleeding and very low pain. but i am sure i got my dates right but he said cause the sac was to small he couldent tell me if their was a heart beat their or not only way to tell if i am going to have a mc is to take blood.

Now i am stressed cause i know i am going to have a mc but i work in retail and work 5 days a week and they need all their worked over xmas and i don't think i want to go in knowing that i am going to loose my baby and its just a waiting game

TTC a baby girl

Really sorry you are going through this again. I know exactly what you are feeling. GBH xx

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I'm so sorry for your loss.
When I had my first scan with DS I thought I was eight weeks and the scan showed he was only five. My ob told us I could be miscarrying, but now he's a delightful little boy - it could be that your dates are off, you won't know for sure yet but worrying is always the worst part.
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