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Threatened miscarriage-has anyone else had this. Lock Rss

This is my first post in 3 years, so Im sorry if this subject is a repeat offender.

Im currently 5 weeks 6 days pregnant, according to an early ultrasound I had last friday.

The trouble started on friday night, moderate abdominal pain, quite high. I passed this off as food poisoning...It was fish.
But no, all day sat, I had low grade cramping-no bleeding.
Then late sunday night, I had reddish brown spotting about the size of an old 50c piece.

So this morning after a visit to the GP, she has done an internal exam, and told me that the cervix is still closed.
There's still hope-I hope.
But Im also told things could go either way.
I'm in a horrible state of limbo, DH cares, but oblivious to my inner turmoil.

I wanted to see who has been in my shoes, how did It work out for you.

Thanks for reading -)

awwww u poor thing, i know how you feel, with dd 1 i too had the same problem, i was 6 weeks, cramping and slight bit of blood, went to the docs and he said its very normal to have cramps and some blood at the beginning of a pregnancy, i had an ultrasound the next day and dd was happy and healthy smile she is now 2 and half...
i know its hard but try not to stress.. are you having another ultrasound to see?
Thank you ladies, your kind words bring tears to my eyes.
To answer your question, yes Ive had bloods last week. The Hcg levels were very good (Im told)
My GP has given me another blood request form, she said to take the form in for retesting this weds.
Thats if there's no more bleeding.
So far none today, just niggling cramps every now and then.
I shall keep you updated on my progress

Its lovely to hear you both went thru the same deal, and now you have healthy kids.
I had a threatened miscarriage when pregnant with DS. Mine started just after my dating scan with spotting etc and progressed to a full on af type bleed. I had an internal that, like you said a closed cervix which is a good sign + increasing blood levels + a visable heartbeat at scans. At my third scan (8 weeks 2 days) they found a subchronic haemotoma and said that was the cause of my bleeding and it would stop eventually. Finally at about 12 weeks the bleeding stopped and I went on to have a normal pregnancy.

Hi...sorry you're going through this stress but wanted to tell you I too had bleeding for two weeks with my dd and she's now two so don't lose hope. All the best, let us know x

Hi again..
Just an update on my threatened pregnancy status.
Still having a small amount of brown spotting each day.
I got some results back this afternoon for my hCG, my levels aren't good-I feel, but my GP is more optimistic despite the low rise in numbers.

Last week's hCG at 5 weeks was 3300. Today's result at 6 weeks+1 is 4700.
I tell you, trawling through online stats on hCG does your head in...
Anyway, am going for a repeat blood test on friday (48 hrs later)
So my next question for anyone out there.
Have you had low hCG count in early pregnancy, and go on to have a healthy baby?

Wish me luck..
Keep well.
I hope it's good news for you but this has been my experience this week...

Had some spotting and bleeding at 5 weeks, hcg was 3200 and cervix was closed
Had two more episodes light bleeding and spotting, the second one was on Sunday night and I was 6 wk 6 days, so I went to the hospital and they did an ultrasound that found no fetal heart beat, measuring small and "abnormal" in appearance. Hcg was 9800 - too low. Ideally hcg should double every 24 - 48 hours in the first 12 weeks. On Tuesday I went to my ob/gyn and he did another ultrasound and confirmed that baby has not made it. My cervix is still closed but now I'm just waiting to miscarry. I'm really devastated but I can't change anything

So I hope your results don't turn out like mine, there is some hope but it might not turn out to be a good result sad Keep us posted

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Hey Skubala,
Im so sorry to hear your loss.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Im at a loss to say anything more, except big big hugs to you from across the tasman sea!
I hope you have loving family, close friends you can turn to.
flossie74 wrote:
Hey Skubala,
Im so sorry to hear your loss.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Im at a loss to say anything more, except big big hugs to you from across the tasman sea!
I hope you have loving family, close friends you can turn to.

Thanks, it has been a very rough couple of days. I have a supportive family and a few close friends. This is my second miscarriage, but I had a beautiful daughter in between so I have her to pour my love and focus into.

Losing a baby, no matter how early in the pregnancy is sad, especially when the pregnancy was planned and you look forward to the baby. Keep me updated on what happens to your little baby, I hope for your sake it's a little sticky one. I think the wait to find out what is going on is often the hardest. Perhaps you can request an ultrasound? Usually fetal HB is present at about 6 weeks

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