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Miscarriage...not sure what's going on..? Lock Rss

Hi, sorry this is so long
Im wondering if anyone can help me out here...
Ive not been on the pill for a couple of years, and my partner and I decided it was time to start trying for a baby. My periods have always been pretty consistent and are generally about 5 weeks apart.
This time was no different, though I had extremely tender breasts and felt a lot more drained and down than usual before that time of month.
Being pregnant was the last thing to cross my mind as we had only just decided to start trying and I thought there was no way we had the timing right, not first try anyway.
Period was as normal, and lasted about 7 days as usual. About 5 days later, I started to see old blood come out, thought nothing of it as I thought maybe it didn't finish properly. the next day i start getting strange pains, and my cervix was painful, and also when i sat down. The old blood was becoming a bit more. I took some pain killers and got on with things. I had been to the gym the night before after some time off so just put it down to that, my muscles were quiet sore. That night, I was still having pains, and my partner said to get to the drs in the morning, i brushed it all off again and said no need to go as it was old blood and the pains were probably from just the gym.
The next morning the blood was now a mix of old and red, still had pains so went to the Dr before my partner got really annoyed at me. The Dr said straight off it sounds like a miscarriage, again i laughed and said it couldn't be possible as I had a normal period which finished the week before and it had only really been a few weeks since we decided to start trying. I did the pee test, and yep, negative, watched it a little longer, and sure enough the other line came up and it was in fact, positive. Massive shock to me, being pregnant was the last thing I thought it would all be!
She sent me off for a blood test and then off for an ultrasound.
The ultrasound showed nothing, so again, i was just thinking that the pee test was a false reading. The next morning i went back to get the blood test results and again, positive.
so the time line so far has been
period ended 22/11
bleeding started again 27/11
Went to Dr and U/S 29/11
Blood result 30/11

Today is 2/12 and im still bleeding.
We actually haven't had sex since i started my "period" and I think i would only have been 2-4 weeks pregnant max

Firstly, when did i actually miscarry? was it when i had my "period" or when i had the pains and started bleeding again.
How long will I bleed for?
My breasts are really tender again today, i know my hormones will be all over the place, but how long to things are back to normal,
and i guess finally, does this definitely sound like a miscarriage?
The Dr said to go back Monday, which is tomorrow if im still bleeding, and I need to go back again on Friday for another blood test.

If anyone has any experience or advice I would love to hear it. Im really confused at the moment, and the Dr wasn't overly helpful. Im not sure what I should be expecting and what is considered normal.

Thanks and sorry again for the long post.

not sure wats happening hun, if the doc tries to brush u off on monday make her explain it to u better. ive had a couple misscarriages but they have all been different, if ur only early they may leave it to pass on its own, if you get really sore and painful and the bleeding is really heavy go to the hospital as u may need a d and c.
hope it i just a bit of bleeding and soreness, sorry im no help but just wanted u to know ur not alone.

Thanks for your replies. I didn't go back today, I think It might have slowed down a bit. Will see how I go next couple of days, I'm back for another blood test Friday. It's all so exhausting!
I don't mean to scare you but Maybe just get them to check your tubes...sounds a bit like how I felt with my ectopic pregnancy.

I hope it's not though.

Good luck

DD 2005
DD 2009
Ectopic pregnancy 2011
Miscarriage 2012

Back at the Dr again today and was sent for another ultrasound. Started bleeding more yesterday and had some pain and on my right side as well. Ultrasound found no pregnancy but said there had been some change on the right side, which he said the dr will have to look at and discuss with me. Slightly worried but it didn't sound urgent. I'm to go back tomorrow for results and blood results. So over it all and im so exhausted from constant bleeding. How people go through this so many times I really commend you all, my sister had 13 mc before having 2 beautiful babies. No idea how she did it! I guess I'm just confused as I don't really know what to expect etc. Thanks for your replies
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