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Not sure how to feel Lock Rss

On the 12-12-11 we lost our baby girl at 20 weeks. When we went to find out we was told it was one of those things and that it may or may not happen again.

I thought i was fine with the whole ttc after this and last week found out i was 5 weeks pregnent with our 3rd child. I am ment to be happy right? all i can think of is that we will get to 20 week and loose this one as well. I am not telling everyone until 20 weeks because i am so worried we will loose it as well.

Who has gone on after a MC and had a healthy baby?

We only was trying because it took me 5 years to get katie and a whole of a 20 weeks to loose her and so because i am not getting any younger we was trying again. I knew it could happen just it took a while to get her so it could take a while to get another but now i have them and they are due the 16th of july i am not sure i am ready to go through all the heart breack again.

TTC a baby girl

Hi, firstly gbh's to you!!!

I have been in your situation and I know how hard it can be. 12 yrs ago I lost my first baby at 18 ish weeks. I was told the same as you and was also told because of ovulation problems I wouldn't fall pregnant again easily.
I decided to get on with my life and see what happens. 5 weeks after my loss I fell pregnant again. I was sooooo happy but so terrified too.
I spent my whole pregnancy scared that something would happen to my baby and cried for what seemed like days when the day that I should have birthed my first baby came. Everyone told me that I should be happy that I was pregnant with a healthy baby and to forget about the other one. I was happy to be pregnant with my dd and knowing that she was there helped with the healing but a mum never forgets about a baby that has been lost.
Anyway I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now 11 and have two more babies. I have never had to endure another miscarriage.
I think that it is important to talk to someone about how you feel, I never did and wish now that I had.
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I lost my baby @ 20 weeks early in 2011. i had a couple of other early losses straight after before I got one to stick. I gave birth to my beautiful rainbow baby in July this year.

It's a scary and anxious time being pregnant again. It brings back a lot of old emotions that I thought I had dealt with too. The biggest thing is to realise you aren't alone. Most mums that have experienced a loss spend their whole pregnancy stressed. The midwives and my obs were very understanding and spent extra time with me reassuring me that baby was OK. And they ran a lot of tests and extra scans for me to show me that everything was progressing normally. So it's important to share with your medical team how you are feeling and they will help you all they can.

I also had some counceling through a volunteer organisation called Pregnancy Loss Australia (formally TLC), they were brilliant and understanding as all of their staff have all been there too.

Most importantly, understand you are not alone, know what you are experiencing is normal, and know that there are people out there to help you through this. It helped me to try and keep my language positive about the baby and the pregnancy and start planning for the baby early. I assumed the baby would be OK. It was only thing that kept my dh and I sane.

Good luck.

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and a big congratulations on your new pregnancy.

I miscarried in March at 12 weeks pregnant and am now 29 weeks pregnant again. We didn't tell anyone at all until 14 weeks and then it was only close family. We told friends as we have seen them but I am not comfortable making the big facebook pregnancy announcement even at this late stage.

Both my husband and myself didn't feel we really connected with this pregnancy until later on, probably around 20 weeks. Even though we dearly wished for this baby and love it very much, it was too hard to get ourselves too emotionally involved in case I lost this baby too.

My doctor let me have an early ultrasound at 7 weeks and is happy to see me as often as I like as reassurance. I found it helped a bit to talk to other people who have been through similar things.

All the best with your pregnancy xo
Hi! I am so sorry about your condition. I can understand the pain you are feeling right now. I m also suffering from PCOS, I couldn't do it naturally. I m trying from last 6 years and now recently I have started my IVF at this clinic abroad. After 6 years things are starting to change for me. There were so many days when I just wanted to give up but then I thought to myself what will be my life without children? That's what kept me going. You have to keep fighting for yourself. No one can help you here if you won't help yourself. Everything will be alright if you just keep trying. Good Luck. Stay blessed. Sending a lot of baby dust your way.
I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand how hard it can be for you. However, I would suggest that you ask your doctors to tell you the reason for the MC. After this maybe visit another clinic to help you out. This is something that really matters. I am saying this from personal experience. Good luck to you. Don't be scared I am sure things will go well.
I am really sorry to know this. If you have been trying for 5 years then why dont you visit a good RE/. Find out the main reason and also the reason for the MC. This will really help in answering many questions. Good luck to you. I hope things work out. Sending baby dust your way. If you need any help let me know.
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