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10 months ago we lost a twin. However the second twin is now the most beautiful baby girl and is 4 months old. I feel so grateful to have her in our life. But recently I have become more emotional about the baby lost. It is generally when I hear about another miscarriage or even see twins. I don't understand how it catches me off guard like this. Will this feeling of loss always be there?


Im so sorry for your loss, GBH to you hun.
i am so sorry for your loss.

Its a real double edged sword isnt it.

I want to be realistic in my answer to you - so, yes, i think that some sense of loss will always be there. I think that it just starts to become a little easier - as in it's not the first thing that you think of every day.. soon it will be the second, then the third & that's when it starts to feel like the fog is lifting. The thoughts, feelings are always there & good & bad days will always be there & soemtimes, it will catch you off guard, many years later.

We lost a twin 13 years ago & i still wonder about the what if's & how different our lives may have been, but i dont dwell on it so much now - i try & focus on how blessed we are to have the 2 amazing children that we do. We dont & will never forget & it still hurts, just not as much anymore

I hope the fog lifts for you soon xx
Thanks everyone. Your thoughts and good wishes are much appreciated. The Mumma bond is a special one and support from fellow mums is heart warming. And to Chiliwoman thank you for sharing and I agree with everything you said.


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