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intense misscariage Lock Rss

hi, 3 weeks ago i had a misscariage at 9 weeks pregnant. i had spotting for 2 days but didnt think anything of it because id had spotting with DD, then the 3rd morning i woke up and i had a small clot about the size of a golf ball or a bit smaller. i had a shower and when i got out i looked down and there was blood running down my legs and onto the floor. i jumped back into the shower and washed it off and after a minute it slowed down. i called my aunt to ask her to take me to the hospital and to see if she would look after my DD (age 22 months) i put a towel down on the car seat and she took me over, as i got out of the car i felt a gush of blood and the towel had blood on it aswel as my pants so i wrapped it around me.

I walked into the hospital and told them my situation and they took me straight in to assess me. the nurse asked me if i had a pad on and i said yes and as she took my pants off me i saw just blood EVERYWHERE. Was all over my pants, shirt and the bed. they quickly cleaned me up and took blood tests.

I was taken to have an ultrasound and there they saw my uterus was FULL of clots. he told me that id lost the baby but now their concern was my health and saftey, i was busting to go to the toilet but there was concern of me haemorrhaging if i was to go in and go to the toilet. they all spoke to one another as i lay on the bed crying, for my loss and because i was so scared about what might happen. they comforted me and 2 nurses took me in to go to the toilet.

I felt like i had to go but it felt like there was something blocking it, then a massive amount of clots and blood filling the bucket they put into the toilet to catch it all for testing came out then after that was about 1/2 cup of urine.

they told me not to try for another baby for at least 6 months because this (3rd) miscarriage has really taken a toll on my body. I have to go see a gyno to have some test done and check that everything inside is ok and that i can still have children.
I continued to bleed for about a week after and had clots the size of a fist, every time i stood up blood would gush out.

Was the scariest day of my life to date. has anyone else had this sort of thing happen or known anyone that has had this sort of thing happen with a miscarriage? my other 2 miscarriages were just like heavy periods and were over within about 3 or 4 days.
Sorry was so long.
That sounds very traumatising! I'm sorry for your loss and for the very scary experience. I am surprised they didn't do a D&C, as this seems to be the usual treatment for miscarriage when the bleeding is heavy like that?

I haven't experienced this, my m/c was like your first two, just very heavy period, with small clots. Hope you get some answers soon

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when i see the gyno in a few days they are going to check to make sure all the tissue and everything came out and if not then they will do a D&C. i thought they would have done one aswel.
I am so sorry. sad
yes this happened to me at 12 wks. i was at home when it started it was 1am and everyone was asleep i ran to the bathroom and was passing cloths the size of my fist as well as blood pouring out. i was calling out to my dh but he couldn't hear me. this went on untill 5 am. when i tried to get off the toilet i passed out. don't know how long for then i tried to get up again to walk and passed out again. when i came to i decided to crawl to the bed room and managed to get in bed and wake my dh and he called an ambulance when i got to hospital i had lost so much blood i needed a blood transfusion and was in hospital for observation for a few days. it took me a couple of weeks to feel normal again.

so sorry for your loss and i hope there is nothing wrong and you one day will have the lil bub that you desire.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

thanx everyone. it was very traumatising and scary because my sister haemorrhaged after giving birth to her baby and had to go into surgery and i was so worried about that happening and who would look after my DD while i was in hospital DP was at work and i couldnt get a hold of him to let him know what was happening. i was so greatful for the wonderful nurses i had with me that took great care of me and comforted me because i was alone at the hospital.
i have my appointment on monday to be checked out. im so nervous about what they might find and that something might be wrong. with the miscarriage before i felt like something wasnt right so i didnt want to tell anyone and sure enough id lost that one but this last one i felt like everything was going really well this time so it was even more devastating. fingers crossed everything is ok and laster next year can try again.
This sounds like my first miscarriage, I had some massive clots that needed to suctioned out (sorry about the tmi). I was about 13 weeks along. After another couple of miscarriages the ob finally decided to do some further tests and discovered I actually have a genetic blood clotting disorder. With daily medication I went on to have a normal healthy pregnancy and now have two beautiful little girls.

I would think after 3 miscarriages, that the time may have come to do further testing (like I had done). Good luck and I'm sorry for your loss.

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