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Life Meaning Lock Rss

I feel people come in and out of your life when thinkgs happen and come to you when they can help you thru something and when they leave its ecause life moves on people go diffrent directions...
Just when you think you are going through something that is not so nice its amazing how many people come forward and tell you they have gone thru something simular and that they are there if you need them...
but lso i have to say when you are vulnerable still stay alert so people dont take you on a ride...
It is also amazing to see how many people love to pretend there your friend o get the goss of your life..

All very true smile

Something I've come to realise also is that you can't expect other people to come to your rescue or to make your problems go away. Change needs to begin with you (and sometimes that means weeding troublesome people out of your life, or learning to deal with the crap they throw at you in a healthier way if you can't get rid of them totally). Sometimes you have to learn when to let go of difficult circumstances, to not let them control your life anymore. Not always easy at first, but in the long run makes life better.

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So very true its a whole learning journey isnt it but in the end i have found do not rely on others your life is what you make it and sometimes you need to make a stand and not do just whats best for others just to keep them happy...

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