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on my first attempt at TTC i fell pregnant, i would be 4 weeks today. i just went to the doctors on tuesday to confirm with the doctor. but today, i felt really strange with a weird pain on my side, i went to the toilet n found fresh blood. i have no idea if there was a clot or not. but i haven't had any other signs of blood since 2pm today. i have been scared of a miscarriage after an abortion 18 mths ago. but everyone is trying to comfort me by saying they're not related (miscarriage after abortion), that i may still be pregnant, that its common n normal....... but, its just really got me down :'(
It can be common to have some bleeding, especially at 4wks, it's also very common to have some pain. But, I'd keep an eye on it, hopefully you don't get any more bleeding, and hopefully the pain doesn't get too bad. If you think it's getting worse, I'd definitely go see your gp again, just to make sure.

Best wishes. smile
HI there, please go and see your GP asap and have a blood test. I just lost a pregnancy 2 days ago. I don't want to freak you out and it could mean absolutely nothing but best get it checked.

I had done 8 pregnancy tests and all were positive. Even the one I had done the day before I started bleeding was positive. I was just over 4 weeks. But it turns out I was getting my periods. And I had whats called a chemical pregnancy. Where the fertilized egg does't implant properly and dies almost right away. So you will get a positive pregnancy test if you use the early HPT's but it usually dies within a few days. sad

I am so devastated. My son just turned 4 and we really want a 2nd child. I know it is not the end of the world and we can just try again but I have wanted this for 2 years now.

Please see a doctor and let us know how u go ok? I really hope everything works out for you... sending baby dust your way xoxx
Riley's mummy, I'm really sorry you lost your baby, that's terrible. Going to the dr won't prove anything at this stage for the op but. There really is nothing that can be done to prevent these awful things happening. At best they can do a scan but likely wont see anything at 4 weeks.

To the op, if the pain is continuous and gets worse you need to get checked out, pain could mean an ectopic pregnancy, however slight aches and pains are very common during early pregnancy, and so is spotting. Try to take it easy today. If the pain subsides you don't need to see a dr.

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