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Just a bit jealous Lock Rss

Hi I lost my little boy in may at 27 weeks. Friends of mine had a baby boy today and I'm feeling a little jealous and sad. I am happy for them, I just wish my boy was with me now. I just want to know how other people have felt in this situation and how you dealt with seeing newborns after a loss.
I haven't been in your situation but wanted to send GBH's your way. and so sorry for your loss

Hi, I know exactly how u feel, hun. I lost my little boy at 22 weeks after I had already 3 beautiful girls. It was not something I was prepared, something that can never be prepared for. Since then I have had 2 nephews born, which I was fine with, but recently my brother-in-law had a son and he was the only other one out of all the siblings to only have a girl.
Now, my husband and I are the only ones. All of my 3 siblings and his 3 siblings have boys now.

When this last nephew was born, I cred and couldn't even go to the hospital at first cause it was the final thing that made me separate from everyone.

I'm slowly getting better about it, I've even been asked to be this little one's godmother. But I still have my days where I get angry and upset about.

I'm pregnant again now, and while I am praying for a little boy, ultimately I just want a healthy baby.

GBH , it's all normal to be feeling like this after what u have been through....

Jenny xoxo

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