Im going to keep this as brief as possible so that I don't get too worked up.

My grandmother has been rather ill for the last couple of years. Recently, she seemed to be declining at a much faster rate and sadly passed away on Thursday. Im finding it very hard to deal with but trying to stay calm and healthy for bub.

Ive also just had bad news given to me by my dp. While we have had issues between us, we have always gotten through everything together. Last week he found out that he has cancer and was told he wouldnt have long left at all. He only just told me this morning and I dont know how to take it. On one hand, I love him but on the ther I hate how stubborn he has been and that he refused to go to the doctor when I first asked months ago.

He has now decided that he doesnt want me to stress and hates seeing me cry so Ive been asked not to worry about him... bit hard. DP has also decided to distance himself from all family and friends including me. He has given up all hope and lost the fighting spirit that I fell in love with. I didnt want him to leave but he doesnt want me around him anymore cause he cant deal with me worrying and crying.

Just not sure how to deal with all this and knowing that the only contact ill have with him is maybe a couple of weeks of phone contact before bub and I lose him forever...