just wondering if any of you have had a mirena perforate your uterus & then had multiple miscariages after?? I had my 1st mirena in after my dd it was awsome blead for 2m then not at all while I had it in, i got it out 9m later & was pregnat in 4 days! 7weeks after my son was born I got another put in it was AGONISING & I never stopped bleeding I was on super strong pain meds & like everyone else had the mood swings cramps & weight gain...after repeated trips to the doc evry few weeks they finally did an ultrasound (8m later) & found it had perforated my uterus..so she just ripped it out OUCH:-( needless to say I among other complications I hemmoridge but withen a week felt soo much better:-) so a couple of months later a surgon had a go at putting another mirena in FAIL back to the hirrendous side effects so after 2w I made my gp take it out & hemmoridged again fun times! we decided to have 1 more child & ther my hubby will get the snip, well I have now had 3 miscariages this year (3rd confirmed today:-( ) & really want to know if anyone else out there has had the same issues