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I am out of the April gang.... Lock Rss

Started bleeding a couple of days ago. Had a scan this arvo and no bubba.
I feel alright. Just totally knackered because I am still sick in addition to this.
ohhhh im so sorry sad

oh thanks. smile I got dh to come home early so I could go to the drs. He is giving the kids a bath and I have put him in charge of dinner and the dishes. I am on the couch watching grand designs with my blanket and a tea.
GBH's to you sad

We are always here if you need to talk things through. Thinking of you xxx
My blog, take a peek into my world

Oh dear oc, that's really crappy. Glad you are feeling ok at the moment.. Maybe it's yet to hit home though?
Big hugs, we're all here if you need a big cry later! sad

thanks everyone. This pregnancy has been just a little bit strange to begin with, so I am not really surprised.
I had bleeding at the start which I have never had before. Then full on morning sickness when I would have been maybe 2 weeks pregnant. Lots of cramping and felt like I had my period and sometimes it felt like contractions. If I did too much walking around then my belly felt like it did when I was about 30 weeks pregnant with braxton hicks and then after about 5 days my ms vanished and my belly stopped cramping. Then a few days of not really feeling anything and not really feeling pregnant, then light bleeding for a couple of days and then the drs today just so I knew what I was dealing with. I had so many other health things going on with muscle tension in my neck, sore back as well as this cold, I couldn't work out what symptom went with what. The only reason I would ever have believed I was pregnant was the test which came up instantly, which also has never happened - especially that early. So my hopes weren't really up from the start but I was more concerned with a molar or ectopic pregnancy.
Thanks for your kind words everyone. I appreciate it.
So sorry OC. Even if you were expecting it, you still need to grieve. Big hugs and thinking of you xx

Thats awful.........I'm speechless so sorry hun xo

thanks all. means a lot.
i am so sorry to read this tonight sad
take care of yourself xx
GBH xxxx
Sorry to hear.
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