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Molar pregnancy Lock Rss

Hey I'm so relieved to find that this does happen to others in Australia my hugs and love goes out to these poor women this is the hardest and most horrible thing i've been through at only 22 me and my partner of 5 years had been trying to conceive for two years now heartbreaking every month when we found i wasn't, friends told me stop thinking of it everyday just stop trying so hard and that we done for bout 2 months.
Then on the 20 june i had been really sick every morning after a week i decided to do a pregnancy test and had five positive readings so excited over the moon excited ringing all our family was the happiest day of our lives we couldn't believe that finally we were gonna be a mum and dad just blew our minds, so the next morning we went to the docs got the blood test back that arvo and my hcg levels were 186 000 thinking i was around 10 weeks an had no idea i was pregnant just couldn't believe it was just a dream come true and i was nearly out of my first trimester .
During the next week had a lil bleeding which scared me so much bein my first child thought i was loosing my baby rang my hospital an they went through that they couldn't do anything there to stop me from miscarriage,my first scan was in 4 days so excited had my mum come and my partner had the day off so couldn't wait to meet him.
I knew straight away by her face that something was wrong I have what they call a molar pregnancy it has no heartbeat but still gives u all the symptoms.
Our whole world just came crumbling down was so angry, hurt, confused, why me, but now had to deal with me and go for an d & c my levels were at 386 000 in not even a week before the surgery so they would of been much higher just wanted this horrible growth that supposed to be my baby gone still think of u everyday i want u so so much an i love u , i just cannot wait for this six month to be up does seem so long and i want u now, you can't just give someone the joy of the thought of a baby then just absolutely strip them from that i hope i can get through this hate seeing pregnant bellys an seeing such beautiful tiny precious baby's that should be me an it hurts so bad.

My first blood test my level is down my doctor is very happy with them so fingers crossed.

Feeling better now that's of my chest and really appreciate reading other story's crying my heart out reading them but healing and not feeling so alone anymore
Aw thank you so much just hurt so much today having to delete my baby of here i should be 12 weeks and everything that should be happening that's not.
It really scares me and i do think doctors should watch hcg levels and scans should be done sooner having to wait a week and a half for your first scan when my levels were so high.
i know exactly how you feel i went through it at the end of may also my 1st and was planned. It does get easier my bloods were finally down to 4 last week and thats 6weeks after my d n c. Looking forward to not being a pin cushion anymore and getting back to ttc again

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