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How did you cope??? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
My partner and i are going through losing our baby right now, i was rushed to hospital 10pm Fri night. Have to go for a scan today if they can get us in and see if i need a D&C.
The thing is i dont know where to start with excepting this, my emotional pain is ripping me apart and then dealing with the physical pain aswell it all feels like to much.
How did you cope?
Also is it better to do the D&C? or natural? Do you recover faster from either? I JUST WANT IT AL TO STOP NOW.
Please any advise would be so helpful. Im trying to be strong for my man and my two girls, the children didnt know, we were waiting for our 12week scan before telling them and i dont know what my man is feeling, he not talking about it.
We are waitng a bubba very much but dont want to do anything that might make it harder to fall preg again, hence the D&C question.
This is so hard and im feel so much for everyone one there that has been through this, my heart goes out to you all.

Skippy And The Greek:
Did you go natural or have a D&C?
Thank you for your kind words

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this.

I have lost two precious babies - one at 11 weeks, one at 5 weeks.
I was offered the option of a D&C or taking tablets to "induce" the baby out, as I had already waited a couple of weeks for it to happen naturally and nothing had happened. I thought the tablets would be the better option because I didn't want to go under general anaesthetic. The tablets took all day to work and I spent the whole time on morphine - it was awful. I wish I had gone with the D&C.

As for fertility after miscarriage or D&C, there is research to suggest you might be more fertile in the months after that proceedure. (but of course there's also research to suggest the opposite) In my experience I fell pregnant 3 months after my first MC (but miscarried again), and 4 months after my second MC, so it didn't really take too long - and now I am 29 weeks pregnant smile

Dealing with a miscarriage is really hard. I greived for weeks and cried. My husband didn't show any emotion, but he was deeply hurt. Men are funny creatures, they don't like to show their feelings much, but they do feel too. Don't try and be brave for him, let yourself grieve in whatever why you need to ~ there's no right or wrong way to feel. It does get easier to deal with over time, and some days are harder than others.
Hugs to you xx

I am so sorry. sad

I chose to go natural. Speeding it up doesn't make the pain go away. I found I needed to go through the experience to help me deal with it.
Oh sweetie I am so sorry for your loss. I recently had a miscarriage. I ended up having a natural miscarriage on the early morning that my D&C was booked in for. I still cry each day for my bub sad My husband talked openly with me of how he was grieving for our baby too and my children knew as they had shared in our joy of finding out we were pregnant.
I was very worried how my cycle would be after my miscarriage but AF arrived 28 days after my bleeding began for my miscarriage and my next AF is due in a few days.
Sending you hugs, take time for yourself and my thoughts are with you at this terrible time in your life xx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Thank you all so much for your kind words, it's really nice to have some happy story's from people that have been here before. I dont want to give up hope that we will one day have another wee bundle in our family.
I ended up back at the hospital today and then sent home, back again tomorrow for a scan and we will go from there. Im thinking if bubs hasn;t come away i will go with the D&C, im finding it really hard to cope with the emotional without all the physical pain.
My man has talked to me a wee bit today about how he's feeling, and he's scared, i just hope it wont put him off trying again in time.

What a crazy time we are having right now. After all the pain and being told we were losing our baby by A&E staff we went for our scan and they told us the sac has grown???? My bloods dropped from 1100 to 700 over 3 dags but they now saying bub might still be ok?????? Soooooo confused right now, we have another scan this thursday to find out more. They still couldn't see bubba, just the sac but it was measuring 5 weeks 2 days where as at the scan the previous thursday it was only 4-5wks. Has anyone had this happen and had a healthy bubba at the end of it all?????

Sorry to hear that you had to go through this lovely.
I myself had to desk with the samething, I lost twins at 12weeks, I was also
Rushed to hospital the bleeding slowed so they sent me home
9 hours later I was back in the end I lost 60% of my bodies blood capacity
Had a d&c and stayed in hospital for 4 days, the d&c slows the bleeding
To spotting with in an hour of the d&c, I am sorry to ramble on your post
Hope I helped even a little bit, 1 month on and my health is nearly back
And emotionally alot stabler, my love being sent to you I hope all turned out well on your end xx sad
im sorry for everything your going through. ive lost 3 angels and have all been naturally. each time id lost an angel the doctor told me theres no need for a D&C unless the tissue and what not is not coming out naturally then i would need one. but everyone is different, some people prefer to have a D&C when they first find out they are going through a miscarriage.
I hope everything works out
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