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Poem for anyone who has lost someone they love. Lock Rss

Ok thanks for making me cry!!!

That's so nice, and quite eerie that you have put it up today.

My grandad passed away 3yrs ago (aged 69), I still think about him everyday. My grandma (his wife), passed away at the start of this year (aged 71), they both left way too soon!
I say that it is eerie, as I had another massive cry about them both last night, mum and my aunt and uncles have just finished going through their house, and have now put it on the market. Dad showed me pics of their house pretty much empty...they were very hard to look at, I guess it's just so final now, you know.

Anyway, Im rambling now...thanks for sharing that lovely poem. smile
Thanks, I do feel a bit is very hard.

Hugs to you too - birthdays are always difficult to deal with.
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