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conceiving after misscarriage Lock Rss

Financial issues also existed for us. It was really hard to decide! Initially, I was so confused because the area I live in every process is done very expensively. I had previously opted for IVF and IUI all of them failed for me. So now the doctors said that I was no longer a candidate for them. We had to look into surrogacy. However, couldn't imagine opting for it in my own country. My DH was the one who started looking abroad. I was actually so surprised when we finally found a good clinic. The clinic offered two packages. Both of these were very attractive! They had a VIP package and standard package. I also liked their guarantee program according to which if one process wouldn't work for us another one would. We were later after contacting them were also invited for the first free visit. Things went very smoothly for us after that.
Hello. I hope you are well. Sorry to hear about what happened. I don't think there is such a thing as "being more fertile after miscarriage". I know IVF treatments are very expensive. I couldn't afford it either. But then I found this place that offered fertility treatments at a fairly affordable price. Of course, I didn't believe that at first and decided to do a little research. I applied for surrogacy there and it is safe to say it didn't cost as much as it would've cost me at other places. In fact, I'm thinking to apply again this year. I just need some time to decide. If you want a recommendation just let me know. You should totally consider this for yourself. I know it helps you. Good luck and never stop trying!
This is tough to read! I hope you're doing okay. This doesn't sound good. I hope things get better for you. IVF is a good way of treatment. It doesn't necessarily improve fertility. If money is an issue, why don't you go for IUIs? They are way cheaper. Plus, treatment abroad is also not expensive. Good luck to you. Just make sure you find a good clinic. Do your research before making a decision. My prayers are with you. You can do this! Keep us posted, on how it works out.
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