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conceiving after misscarriage Lock Rss

Hey, honey. I hope you're alright. I can understand your situation. It's really hard. Actually, it doesn't work like that. Every cycle does not increase fertility. But the chance of conceiving increases with every cycle. It works better with IUIs. Although, they seem to work in 20% fewer cases. You can get more information if you visit the consultancy session being hosted by BioTexCom. It's going to be a great event. You should definitely go there! They will update on the venue and the dates, soon. I'm really excited. They'll definitely help you out!
Hello there. I am 43 years old. I am not infertile. I opted for surrogacy. I searched and ended up on of the top clinics in Ukraine. It is the best clinic. I am so thankful to them that due to them I have a baby boy through surrogacy. The good news is they are coming . They are going to give free consultations to everyone. The head manager, Anastasia is also going to be there. Limited seats are available. So, register yourself as soon as possible. I will go. You should go too.
hey hun. I would suggest you to go for surrogacy. it is a sure shot. but consult an expert too. he will guide you well. it's better not to take any risk on personal opinions. sending you baby dust. down worry. everything will go well. take care. much love.
Hi, dear u there! I hope you're doing fine. I am so sorry to hear about u. I can feel that pain from which you're going through. But it is not the end of the life of course. IVF does not go so well in everyone's situation don't worry about that if u are failed in this process. Try to find some better option of clinics first because it is one of the important decision to make then go for the next process. I was searching best clinics for surrogacy and because of that, i searched many forums and videos too. I am infertile and i am also going for the surrogacy and i would definitely like to share my experinmce with others and ill soon. Good luck all and keep updating thanks,
I am not fertile anymore. I had gone through 3 miscarriages. Miscarriage is the worst thing that can happen to a pregnant woman. I have been through 3 times. I know how it feels to lose an unborn baby. Change your clinic if your transfer fails again. Clinic professionality matters a lot in this complicated process. You should have chosen a clinic with a high success rate in this process.
I am sorry to hear about your failed IVF cycle. I would suggest that you give it another try. For some people, it takes time for the cycle to work. Also, make sure your doctors are professionals. It is very important that they know what they are doing. Dont lose hope! I know it can be disheartening but you have to keep going. It is because of not losing hope that I was able to find a good clinic for myself.
Hello, honey. I hope you're alright. I can understand what you're going through. I know how tough it can be. Please don't lose the faith, though. Things will get better for you. I'm sure of it. I was in a similar situation. It was a horror show. I did not hold back, though. I know, if I had decided to be lazy then, I wouldn't be here, today. I needed the support, which I got from my DH. We visited a fertility clinic. We got our IUIs done from there. I think you should do the same. They will sort it out for you, too, I'm sure of it. Good luck to you!
Hi there, lovely. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage..May god lead you through..
On the first round RE said the sperm count was 21M. But I'm not sure if that was post wash or pre-wash. This time he said that the count was 6.5M post-wash.
I remember being really excited to start ttc, and we had jazzy positive thoughts going in, but now I feel like we won't get a bfp so easily... But I feel like I can't express this feeling to dh bc it would discourage him more than I can bear. Looking for support / thoughts / outlet here. And probably for some good tips concerning just everything..
Yet another problem from my side these days. Not mine actually, but..I'm looking for answers seems everywhere! A close friend of mine is passing her treatment overseas. She called me yesterdays and told they are likely to have their cycle delayed. By now she has got no clear answers, I suppose she has to wait until tomorrow to get to know what’s going on. And frankly I felt myself useless in trying to explain why it might have happened.. I know she needs answers and some soothing words but I really feel hard to find them right. So I wanna ask you, experienced ladies to list the reasons why IVF cycle can be delayed. Actually I’ve done some research and got them the following but I guess there might be more.
First one is because of ohss. This is when drugs used for egg production stimulation could enlarge the ovaries to dangerous extents. The ovaries could not respond to the fertility drugs at all. No embryos developed because the collected eggs were not fertilized. Sometimes when collecting the eggs it turns out there are none in the follicles. The follicles could develop but still be empty inside.
The last one really hits. What will you say, ladies?? What should my lovely girl expect further? I'm so sorry for she has to face this!
TIA for all of your coming thoughts. Xx
Hey there. I believe these are the symptoms for you as they vary much. I got prego after de ivf att. I had a pain that was one sided a few days before AF was due. But it wasn't normal cramping. I also had weird sense of smell. I remember thinking how awful my shampoo smelled, though I normally love the smell. I also had really sore wisdom teeth. Also I got sore bbs, the first sign for a lot of people..
I'm so sorry about your loss. I know how painful it is. I still remember how I felt after mine and that was horrible. My DH and I have gone through a lot during past 8 years. I had 3 MCs and I should say they broke me, my mental and physical health. Each loss was unbearable. I was stressed and depressed all the time. Sometimes I can't believe I survived after going through all that shit. Though our tries to TTC didn't give results, we moved on and we are waiting for our baby to be born via surrogacy. I want to say that there are still options available. So don't give up! Don't let stress to control you and your mind.
I am just starting to gear up to think of another IVF cycle for a possible second child in about six months. This time around, I am taking a prenatal, coq10, baby aspirin and L-carnitine (powdered form in juice) for my egg health. Coq10 especially is universally recommended for egg health and I take it in powdered form because it is cheaper and can be mixed with food. I like baby aspirin because it really does improve blood flow to your reproductive organs. I'm also doing all this because I want to try out mitochondria donation + IVF, like the last option to try out my own eggs. Taking into consideration the number of eggs decreases with age. If there are not enough functionally active mitochondria in the eggs, then it is possible to become a mother using mitochondrial donation + IVF. Fertility specialists find an egg donor with high functional mitochondrial activity. These healthy mitochondria are taken from the donor's egg cell, integrated with the patient’s cells, then fertilized with the sperm of the husband/partner. A healthy embryo is then transferred to the uterus. 1 shot of mitochondria donation + ivf abroad, for ex., costs 6500 euros.
I am really sorry to read about your failed cycle. I can understand how frustrating this might be for you. Financial constraints definitely existed during our time as well. It was really hard to deal with it. However, we eventually went abroad. Things went amazing for us. If you want more details let me know. I'll be more than happy to help.
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