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Babyloss Awareness Bracelets Lock Rss

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any online shops/FB pages etc that sell the Silicone Babyloss awareness bracelets??
I've found a few overseas ones but was hoping to find an Aussie page!

Thanks!! X

The only sight I have ever come across is a American one sorry they look legit they are the pregnancy and infant loss foundation and sell heaps of different jewelery and the silicon ones too for $2.00 I think it was sorry not much help xx

The Teddy Love Club has lots of merchandise and has the bracelets however it does say TLC walkathon on it! Hope they have what you want! They are Australia wide!
Have got the pins from TLC!
Will check out the USA one!

if you contact SANDS in New zealand (can do it via facebook) They have rubber awareness braclets that say "A little life, not a little loss"
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