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Two miscarriages in a row. Lock Rss

This is the first time I have posted anything on here. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and have been ttc baby no 2. I had a blighted ovum in oct last year and had to have a D and C. We waited 3 months as suggested by my Dr then fell pregnant in March. I am currently having my second miscarriage. I am devastated, I really feel like my body has let me down.

I would love to hear some stories of others who have had multiple miscarriages and have gone on to have a successful pregnancy.

I am torn as to whether to start trying straight away. My husband and I would like to but I am worried about going through all of this a third time. I have read that ttc straight after a miscarriage can increase the chances of another miscarriage. Is this true?
I'm so sorry to read that, but hopefully what I can share will offer some hope. My brother's GF miscarried about seven times (not all to him, some to previous relationships) before finally managing to carry a pregnancy to term, and now she's just given birth to their second daughter the other day.

From what I know, there were never any medical explanations as to why she would miscarry, it was just unknown. But it is possible to miscarry more than once and still have a baby, so please don't give up hope!

Good luck
I'm sorry to hear about your sad news. Sending u hugs sad
HUgs for you..... M/C are hard emotional things to deal with. Dont give up your dream of another child. I have on beautiful DS and after 5 m/c we are currently pregnant with DS number 2...

Talk to your doctor about testing/reasoning for your m/c or get a referal to a specialist.

Sorry for your loss..
I have a similar story, had DD 1 no worries, then 2 mc in a row, (1 no reason, 1 blighted ovum, both D&C) we tried again straight away (didn't wait 3months, just 1 cycle), we then went on to have our DS with no complications until the end where the placenta stopped working so he was induced at 38wks..

We are now trying for baby 3 after loosing our DD last year, and at this stage (9wks) am looking like I will be having another MC, IF this does happen, being # 3, means they will be doing testing to see if there is a reason behind it all..

Good luck to you, don't give up, if u really want another bub, it will happen, the only advice i can give is to not have pressure, just go with the flow of things, don't obsess over having another baby as that puts stress on ur body..
I'm o sorry for your losses hun
I have had 3 one in sep then oct then again in feb, we had testing done everything is all ok luckily to improve your chances you can read some posts in the planning a pregnancy section hun many women have written what they take to improve there fertility I take b6 vitex and folate I was taking evening prim rose oil tablets too but are allergic to them!!
Good luck hun I hope you get a sticky one start trying when you feel you are ready ok sweetie xxx
Hi luv,

Sorry to hear of your losses sad It really sux.

I had a blighted ovum miscarriage in September last year. Our next pregnancy resulted in my daughter being stillborn at 20 weeks 2 months ago. These two things were totally unrelated and just bad luck. Both had D&C's after.

Both times the doctors have only suggested waiting for 1 period before giving me the go ahead to try again.

I was looked after by some amazing obs after the stillbirth and I know they wouldn't tell me it's ok to try again if it wasn't so no- there isn't any truth to the rumour that getting pregnant soon after a MC is higher risk. In fact, I know there is a higher chance of having twins after a MC.

We are thinking of trying for another, but like you, we aren't sure if we can take any more loss. I think you just have to weigh up whether the risk is worth it for you and your relationship. We will try again, but not sure when.

Good luck and GBH's.

So sorry to hear about your losses, it's not easy to deal with/move on from..

I've just turned 24 and am now 37 weeks pregnant with what I consider to be my miracle.. Although I know people who have lost many many more, to me, this is my gift, my chance to be a mother.
I first miscarried at 16 which at the time was hard mentally to get my head around but years following I figured it wasn't meant to be and at a considerably young age I was OK with that. It wasn't an intentional pregnancy..
It was harder to deal with when I lost again, 2 months before my wedding, we weren't even trying, it kept coming back to my mind that this was the 2nd time, what if I couldn't carry?
I married 2 months later in the March to an amazing husband who I love dearly.. He came with 2 very young daughters, toddlers and as much as I love them I craved my own and panicked. I felt as though their mother whom had given up on them had unfairly been able to have them and continue having children to other men(It admittedly angered me).. And here I was, a childcare worker, desperate to mother my own and do it to the absolute best of my abilities with all the love in the world.
In June following the wedding I lost again, although I wasn't as far along it hit me really quite hard but this time I didn't have the heart to tell my husband, I dealt with it alone.
I was 23 and had miscarried 3 times.. Excitedly, hubby wanted to try and really try for a boy, so we did and I fell pregnant in September, It broke me down and I ended up telling hubby about everything, even when I was 16(He was unaware).. At such a young age it was questioned why I wasn't seeming to be able to carry at all, at 11 weeks pregnant I had a CVS, so many things were ruled out and in fact we walked away with no answer as to why...
Here I am now, I made it past that 11 weeks, I had the CVS, I then hit 20 weeks and wasn't sure whether to be excited or not... 30 weeks came and I felt some security but I even now panic... 3 weeks to go and we can welcome our son into this world. To me, He IS my miracle. Miracles DO happen.

I wish you all the best but please know you're not alone. I felt alone for a long time.. I now know i wasn't, ever. x
Hi, firstly, I'm sorry for you losses, miscarriages are so hard physically and emotionally.
I have had 3 losses in a row, the first in Oct 2010 at 5-6 weeks. The second in April 2011 at 19 weeks. Testing was done after losing James but no reason was found. Then in August/Sept. 2011 I had an ectopic pregnancy in which my right tube ruptured and had to be removed.

I am now 23weeks with our second and still quite anxious at times but hopeful that things will continue to go well.

Don't give up ((((hugs))))

I am so sorry for your loss.
I lost a little boy who was born sleeping at 36 weeks, my next pregnancy i lost at 18 weeks, it was a molar pregnancy. But i really wanted to be a mum. I thought i was never going to get there. I fell pregnant agian and had a little boy at 35 weeks, early but fine. Then i had a little girl at 37 weeks, again fine. Then i has a MC at 8 weeks. I felt like i was doing something wrong and should be greatful for my two little angels, but i felt like i wasnt done. I just found out i am pregnant again but i worry over the littlest pains that i get. And worry the whole way through my pregnancy.
I hope you dont give up in chasing your dreams. Best of luck to you.[/img][/url]

I am so sorry for your loss. There really are no words I can say right now but I do know what you are gong through. I am in a similar situation to you. I had a spontaneous miscarriage in September 2011 at 10 weeks & have just miscarried again at 8 weeks and had a D&C today. We had a successful scan last Friday, baby was fine, good heartbeat etc and then on Monday I began to bleed and the rest is history. I just don't get how everything can be fine and literally days later all over. They will be running test on the embryo to check for molar pregnancy & chromosomal abnormalities. We are devastated and will be taking a break from TTC for a while more so that we can recover mentally. I feel the same as you - it just feels like my body is a complete failure right now. I know it is generally recommended to wait at minimum of 3 cycles before TTC again. Many women go on to carry full term after having multiple miscarriages. Sending you big hugs during this time, my thoughts are with you. Don't give up...
I really feel for you. I had 3 MC before DD and starting trying last year fortunately got pregnant. Alas lost it just before 12weeks. lost another a few weeks ago. As long as there is no reason for the MC (like mine) physically you can pretty much try again straight away and will often get pregnant quite quickly as the hormones assist you. Most Dr's prefer you to wait a while to come to terms with it emotionally. Also to give you time to accept how you will handle another MC if it does happen. I hope whatever you decide to do your pain becomes easier to deal with soon. Big Hugs xxx

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