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3 Faint BFP, started bleeding saw doc, scan confirmed preg at 5 weeks, had blood get results tomorrow.

This afternoon have lost all preg symptoms, no sore boobs, bleeding has backed off and I feel I have more engergy.

I thought id do a HPT to see if the second line was ny darker but it came back BFN...

Just dont know what to think, could I have miscarried and its shown this fast? I have DR appointment tomorrow, was just after so others thoughts sad
I'm sorry to tell you this but it sounds like you may have miscarried very early.
In your previous post you said that the doctor had seen a 5 week size sac, but with the bleeding you've been having and now getting a BFN, it sounds like you may have MC'd.
Go and see your doctor and ask him for a blood test and an ultrasound.
Hugs hun x

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