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Need advice on miscarriage Lock Rss

I Had a massive bleed Sunday so bad I locked myself in the toilet away from the kids and called my parents to come over so I could clean myself up sad
I called Dp but told him not to come home as I feel bad him missing so much work I basically yelled at him to stay at work I felt so mean sad
Then I had no bleeding at all it stopped for the rest of day!! I passed no clots at all!!
I went back to the doctors Monday and he said wait it out for the time being gave me antibiotics to cover myself incase of infection.
I had a little more bleeding Monday and barely any yesterday then today I'm in so much constant pain I still haven't passed a clot just a light flow of bleeding not that heavy just in pain sad
My last miscarriages were BAM heavy clotting bleeding for a few days!
Is this normal I'm so scared something is going to mess up and I'm going to retain some of it I have a scan next Thursday to check it all out.
I'm over it I just want it all over and done with sad
GBH's sweetheart.........Sometimes u dnt pass any clots as the body absorbs everything back out depending how early u were. So dnt b alarmed that ur not passing clots. Is ur bleeding heavy now? If ur worried sweetheart go nd get it checked out again. Hear if u need me. Xxxx
Sorry your going through such a hard time.
Have you had any bloods done?
I hope everything turns out ok

Thanks for the help sweeties
I just got my answers I had a huge pain right across my lower tummy and felt something come out when I checked it was a massive greyish purple thing not a clot but what I'm gathering was my baby sad
I called Dp this time and we took our bubba up to the pathology in a jar the doctor gave me this is honestly the most traumatizing thing I have had to do!!
When I got there it was packed I couldn't find a single pathology lady I knocked on the door and they were having morning tea and said to take a number I broke down in Tears and said I have my miscarriage in a fn jar!!
They quickly took me into there tea room sat me down gave me a glass of water and a million cuddles they processed it all (form whys) and then when I stopped crying they let me out sad via the back door I don't think I wanted to walk past everyone who I just announced I had a miscarriage in a jar in front of specially the heavily pregnant chick sad
What a fn day!!!!!!

Oh my goodness hun i'm so incredibly sorry you just had to go through that. i'm here if you want to talk. sad big big big hugs for you

Thanks sweetie
I thought before it happened it wouldn't hurt anymore then it does now to put the baby in a jar but it cut deep i feel so awful doing that to my undeveloped lil baby sad
Today is one messed up day I wouldn't let Dp see the jar I didn't wanna traumatize him either I hope I get some answers now sad

Wow that is incredibly traumatic. I so damn sorry you've had to go through this. You poor darling.
Hopefully they figure out what's gone wrong and you NEVER have to go through something like this again!

Thanks sweetie the worse part the pregnant chick I knew!!!
Ahh great now the whole town is going to know about my out burst sad
I wanna crawl into my hidey hole sad
It helps though getting it all out to you guys smile
That would have been absolutely awful to go through, I'm so sorry sad
My thoughts are with you during this horrible time - I really hope you never have to go through anything like this ever again. GBH
I have re-typed this post a couple of time because I can't seem to give you any words to express how sorry I am you are going through this. I just couldn't have read through this and not have said anything to you.

My thoughts are with you hun.
I don't have much to say I just wanted to give you a ....

**** BIG HUG!!!!****
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Aw thanks ladies xxx
As much as I'm soo traumatized by collecting the fetus and product I'm glad I did it as now I could get some answers hopefully.
I never thought though it could end up going the way it has sad
Oh what a horrible horrible experience, I am so sorry you have had to go through this.
I hope they can find some answers for you, sending you another big hug.

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i wish i could say something to make you feel a little better..but im at a loss for words sad

im sorry that you had to suffer even more after losing your bub, i hope you can find some answers through all this and dont worry about 'the town' knowing, i wouldve done the same thing in your situation. i think your very brave and obviously have a huge heart if your worried about upsetting others (the pregnant lady) when your hurting yourself so badly.

look after yourself and allow your family to look after you too. xxx love and light
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