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Ectopic Pregnancy :( Lock Rss

Hey ladies,
I've just returned from the hospital after having an ectopic pregnancy along with my left tube removed and a whole lot of internal bleeding drained. I went to the gp on saturday as I was having mild bleeding with a lot of abdominal cramps, he did a pg test and it came up a BFP to our great surprise. We went to the hospital to get a scan etc, and the O&G specialist said she was quite confident everything was ok. The cramps and bleeding got progressively worse and I was back at the hospital early boxing day morning. They did another scan and found a lot of blood in my abdo cavity and they were quite sure that the pregnancy was ectopic. I had surgery a few hours later, and after a few rough days of recovery I'm finally home with my boys.

I'm still in shock really. Not sure how I feel. The BFP was such a surprise that it didn't have much time to sink before I found out I was having surgery and losing my tube as well.

What I was wondering is if there is anyone out there with positive stories of conceiving after having an ectopic? How long did you wait before you ttc again? Did you lose your tube as well? I will be going back on the pill and will probably wait a long time to wait before we try again. I'm too scared that this will happen again.
I am so sorry to hear about this! What a horrible ordeal you've been through the past few days.
Sending you a great big hug x
I'm sorry I don't have any positive stories to offer you, but I just couldn't read this without saying something.
Take all the time you need to let this whole experience sink in and allow yourself time to grieve and come to terms with it. You are the only one who will know when (or if) you are ready to try again.
Take care of yourself x

Sorry you had to go through this experience.

My SIL had an etopic last year 5 days after I had a M/C. She found out 2 days earlier that she was BFP only to be rushed to hospital after collapsing. She was very lucky. She was 7 weeks and had 2 litres of blood internally. She also lost a tube and her uterus was badly burnt.
She ended up having IVF late last year but had an early M/C. A miracle happened because she got a BFP a month later and I'm happy to say my nephew just turned 5 months old yesterday. He was naturally conceived.

I know it's terrible what you went through, but I hope this story gives you hope.

Big Hugs. xo

Hi. I'm sorry you have gone through this.
My friend had an ectopic pregnancy before I knew her. She didn't know she was pregnant until she was at the hospital. It turned out her tube had burst and had to be removed.
She tried for a baby and it took a while but she conceived her 3yr old DD naturally. She and her husband wanted another baby but thought they'd start trying early because it took a while with their first daughter but they got pregnant straight away so there is only a little over a year age difference between their daughters now.

Hope you feel better quickly and don't give up hope.
Hi There

I had a ectopic pregnancy and my left tube removed 3 years ago, i had many mixed emotions and felt i would never concieve again.

I'm happy to say i had my cute and wonderful dd2 in 2009...

But it did take many months of trying ...

Best of luck for the future
I'm so sorry, what a shock it must have been. I hope you recover well xx

As for a positive story, my mum had one of her tubes removed after an ectopic when she was 21. The doctor said she wouldn't be able to get pregnant at all. She had me at 23, then went on to have 3 more kids at 31, 35 and 39. She's even had 2 miscarriages thrown in there so she really had no trouble falling pregnant at all smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

my heart goes out to you,
i know how you feel, i also had an ectopic almost 2 years ago, lost my left tube and almost lost my life, but 6 weeks later (i know doctors reccomend waiting for a full cycle but as im irregular in my cycle and really felt that i didnt want to wait) we concieved our gorgeous daughter who is now 1 and now am pregnant again with a little boy after falling pregs in the first month of trying. best advice is do what you feel is right, go through the grieving process, it helps a heavyheart,talking about it helps with the sadness and frustrations.
stay positive
all the best xx
Hi LauraJane,

I am so sorry to hear your story.

It actually sounds exactly what happened to me on October 26 this year. I had major pain in abdo and bowel went to the doctor and basically found out I was pregnant and they thought ectopic. I lost my left tube, baby, and a lot of blood requiring a blood transfusion. I needed to be opened right up as they were losing me so I had a 6 week recovery (no driving or lifting). So basically I knew I was pregnant for about 3 hours and it was a much wanted baby.

At this stage I have nothing to tell you positively about falling pregnant again and not having another ectopic. I am actually petrified. But my husband and I have started to try again and we go away overseas next week and I am now on day 30 of my cycle - normally I wouldn't be worried but after my last experience I am worried it will happen overseas - I have been doing HPT's everyday and will probably go and have bloods tomorrow even if I don't get a bfp just to put my mind at ease. I lost my last baby at 7w 1 day and I got AF in between that time so that scares me that I won't have any signs.

I have learnt from my awful experience what really matters - my husband and daughters. I have also found out how many people really care about me which I didn't see before this experience.

There is a lovely lady on here that has started a facebook page called 'life after an ectopic pregnancy' and there are ladies on there who are pregnant again and have the baby in the right spot so there is hope for us all. You should join (it is a closed group).

I know it is a crappy time but I do promise the days do get better. I just have my fingers crossed I never have to go through that experience again. But I am losing sleep worrying about it now as we have started to try again.

Goodluck and enjoy your days with your son and be thankful that you're still alive to share your life with him.


DD 2005
DD 2009
Ectopic pregnancy 2011
Miscarriage 2012

Thanks for your thoughts and positive stories everyone smile It has made me feel quite a lot better about the whole situation. It took a long time to find an anti nausea drug that actually worked for me, and I am now finally holding down food and fluid, which is making a huge difference to my physically and mentally.

I'm still terrified about the thought of this happening again. But part of me wants to keep trying as soon as possible. Am I crazy? If it's going to happen, it's going to happen, right? I'm off to the gp on Tuesday or Wednesday to get my stitches looked at, and I will have a good chat to him about where we go to from here.

Even though it is under such sad circumstances, it is nice to see how much DS is loving having DP home playing 'stay at home mum' smile

Thanks again everyone
Hi there, first of all I want to say I'm really sorry for your loss sad xoxo

I had an ectopic pregnancy in Sept 2011. I was 13 weeks and had no pains/bleeding etc.
My ectopic was found during my first scan (even though I had asked my midewife a few times for an early scan)
I was then rushed to hospital and had surgery to remove my healthy baby and my left tube and ovary.

I was a mess for a few weeks after, as surgery had complications and I had started to bond with my baby as well.

On a brighter note, we decided that we wanted to start trying again after my first cycle and I can now say that I'm now 9 weeks pregnant and bubs is in the right place. This happened straight away for us and I've herad alot of people who have had the same luck.

Just do what you feel is right for you and your body and I wish you all the best. Take care.


I have had three ectopic pregnancies and lost my tube.

I fell pregnant with my DS 2 months after the first ectopic and also two months after the 3rd ectopic.

I am 9 weeks now and just found out that I have a missed miscarriage. We are devasted by the news as we saw the bub in the womb and heartbeat only two weeks ago.

I guess the point is that I have now conceived twice after having an ectopic so it is possible.
Hi there
I am currently recovering from an ectopic pregnancy and terrified of trying again.
How do I get into that forum 'life after an ectopic pregnancy' ?

So sore - it's been over 3 weeks now. Feels like they have stiched me too tight
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