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another slap in the face from god Lock Rss

As many of you on here know I suffer from primary infertility. We have undergone the first experience of IVF which resulted sadly in a chemical pregnancy. My cousin who i practically raised knows about htis and has just told me she is pregnant to prevent me from being told by others etc. I am thankful she did that but GOSH am i sick of being a big sulk the moment I hear about someone being pregnant. It's so frustrating to feel like this and to just bail to the office to cry it all out. Please don't get me wrong i am happy for these people but feel like everyone elses pregnancy is a slap in the face from god who I pray to each day and nite. Just so wish it would end.
so sorry for everthing that you are feeling and going through. i know this dosen't help at the moment, but everything happens for a reason. i don't know much about chemical pregnancy, but i would think, that your body is designed well, and sense when something is wrong, apparently women's bodies are designed to let us know when something is wrong, so may be there may have been something wrong with the chromozones or something else.

hope it all gets better for you.

thanks mirabi. A chemical pregnancy is a pregnancy where the initial pregnancy is not right. So sick of sulking each time I hear someone is pregnant.
Oh hun, I totally feel your pain!
2011 has been the worst year of my life! I've had 2 MC's and countless months of BFN's, while every one of my friends has gotten pregnant or had a baby this year. To make it worse, they now exclude me from everything because they feel sorry for me, like miscarriage is contagious or something! Every time I hear of someone getting pregnant without trying or on their first try, it's life a knife through my heart. I never knew I could feel so bitter about other people's good news.
I am so sorry that your IVF experience didn't work out, but I hope you have another try and it works out better for you. smile If you need to vent at any time, you go right ahead! We're here to listen and try to understand x

thank you all. feeling a bit lost but not down have gone and got productive today so feel good about that.

thank you all. feeling a bit lost but not down have gone and got productive today so feel good about that.

I'm glad you're feeling a little better today. Some days are harder than others!
Wishing you many more "good days" smile

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