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Any suggestions. Two Miscarriages and a Chemical Pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just after any suggestions. Really don't want to keep dealing with loss.

I'm 25. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we decided to start trying for a family last December.

Since coming off the BCP, all my cycles except the first one after coming off BCP (which was 33 days), and two cycles were I have conceived, have been 37 days exactly, except one other in May that was 41.

I remember really feeling I was pregnant that cycle, but I didn't do any HPTs as I wanted to wait until I was a week late. I didn't get that far. My recording shows the period was heavier that usual (sorry TMI) but at the time I just dismissed it. I now feel that that was a chemical pregnancy for a number of reasons including that since I have now fell pregnant twice, I know the symptoms felt the same, and distinctly but ever so slightly different to AF coming. Also the cycle length. I know people can have crazy cycles sometimes but it just seems to big of a coincidence to have only one off cycle.

We were going overseas in July-August so in June, very discouraged after not falling pregnant in the 7 months that felt like forever, I decided to take a months break.

AF was due while we were going to be away so I was going to start BCP to hold it off. Thought I better just check I wasn't pregnant before I took it and whaddya know, I got a BFP.

We saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound at 7w4days. I had tiny specks of red blood just on 12 weeks when I wiped. Went to the doctors and they did an ultrasound and found the baby stopped growing at 9w2days.

Had a D & C on 21/09/11. 37 days later 28/10/11 AF came, right on time. Started ttc again that cycle and got BPF on 05/12.

On Dec 16, I was in my lunch break at work, updating my huggies profile to pregnant again and then went to the toilet. TMI....brown spotting. Went to the doctor who sent me for an emergency ultrasound. They saw nothing, not even a sac on the transvaginal ultrasound. They kept saying I must have been less than 4.5 weeks, but i know I ovulated on day 27.

That night the miscarriage started.

I was temping and using opks in the cycle after miscarriage and this one just gone and I know I am only ovulating on day 27 - which gives me a 10 day LP.

Could it be anything to do with low progesterone maybe or not enough FSH in the first phase of my cycle that is resulting in such a long first phase and then only 10 day LP.

I'm really not liking the whole "its just bad luck" line anymore. Maybe they are right but I would prefer to at least rule out obvious things.

Anyone have any ideas?
Hugs for you..... Who ever said pregnancy was easy is a liar. It one of the hardest heart breaking experiences of my life and being able to get the right doctor to share and support you on your journey is essential. I have one beautiful DS and we have experienced the loss of 6 children in the last 2 years, currently pregnant with number 7 fingers crossed.

All of our m/c have been unexplained and the doctor I was seeing really wasnt interested in helping us on our journey. We changed and whilst there is no guarentee our journey to again be parents is being monitored closely and supported.

I would encourage you to be tested for everything your doctor can suggest and even going to a fertility clinic for more testing. (we travell 5 hours each way to Perth to see staff at Concept Fertility).

Sticky baby dust being sent your way and buckets of luck. I hope your journey is sucessful

i very sorry for your loss and heartache.

i don't know too much about this but i have heard expereiences were the womens cycle is too long and her lp not long enough. my ob said that a "normal" cycle should be between 28-32 days and the lp 14 days.

i don't know why but apparently if the lp is too short you will have difficulties carrying a baby to term or miscarry.

maybe find an ob who can discuss and investigate what is happening and what you can do.

good luck.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

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