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Just a downer of a day Lock Rss

Last night was the first time I seen my 2 boys who are 7 and 5 for the first time since my miscarrage and my older boy I worrie about he worries about the littlest things he seen me out his bedroom door when I had my mc and he kept asking me about the blood I let him know why. Then this morning I got a white teddy from the teddy love clud and I said to him he couldn't touch it. It was from a nice lady who lost a baby the same as us and all he could say is mummy when the baby comes out of your belly they can have it. I then had to explane to him the baby had gone with the angels to haven and will wait their till mummy and daddy gets another chance.

I stay strong in front of then only because my older one gets upset when he sees me crying anyone elce have to deal with kids and having a mc I would love to know what to do. My older one has told me he wanted this baby sad and how he wanted to help me.

Gosh now I am back to crying will this ever get easy how am I ment to go back to work on Monday after only a week on Monday god give me strength please

TTC a baby girl

I'm sorry i have neven been in this situation sad BIG HUGS!!!

You will also need to explain to your boys that when you cry it's not a bad thing, we all need to cry and grieve.
With kids it's amazing how strong they are and dont understand how hard death / MC can be on Adults, beacuse they just dont understand yet.

Wishing you all the best, dont stress about next monday, just take day by day.

added when editied = I have just read your other post that you where 20 weeks! I'm so sorry sad
Firstly big hugs!!!

My SIL had her baby born sleeping two weeks ago and her DS who is 5 is like your son and just doesnt understand. To make matters worse he sees my three week old and comments that when 'my baby sister comes...' It is so hard and i dont think there is an easy way to explain it to them.

Best of luck for returning to work, i hope its not too hard for you.
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