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First Period after miscarriage? Lock Rss

Hi, not sure if this is in the right topic to post in, but I miscarried at 12 weeks (incomplete, messy miscarriage with infections etc too) and we decided that we were no longer going to try to conceive because of the medical problems around it. So I went onto the pill (Levelen ED) and I was instructed to take the first two trays missing the white pills and then on the second tray take the white pills, in turn, getting a period. So my question is, can I use tampons this period??
Thanks smile
Sorry to here about your loss.
You can use Tampons for your period after mc.
Just a warning it will be heaver then normal and may even be a few clots.
With this in mind you want to were a pad as tampons didn't hold the clots for me so gave up and just stuck to pads. 2nd period was more normal.

Cool thanks ladies! It's hard to know when you haven't been through it before, it's great to have somewhere to ask smile
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