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cost of having a d&c in a public qld hospital Lock Rss

Hi, was just wondering if I have elected to have a d&c done with this miscarriage in a public qld hospital, will it cost me or be covered by medicare??? Just don't want to wait to miscarry naturally again. Thanks in advance....
I am pretty sure it's covered too. I'm so sorry for your loss, I am currently in the process of waiting to see if I will miscarry naturally in the next week (been waiting 2 already......) otherwise I will be going for a D&C on Friday. I think I will go private but am also wondering if anyone knows what a possible gap fee would be?
I know this is late, but just in case anyone else is reading. D & C's are covered by Medicare in QLD - don't know about other states. Lost my first (have now lost another) in September of this year and opted for the D & C. It was completely covered by medicare.

*Hugs* for anyone reading this with a loss. It sure doesn't get easier
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